Ten winners at The Educators’ Challenge Awards

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The Global Challenges Foundation are hosting The Educators’ Challenge Awards in London on May 15th. The award winners include various kinds of educators who have done an outstanding job of promoting positive action in regard to both global collaboration and global catastrophic risks. 

“The Educators’ Challenge Awards is part of our mission to explore how to effectively communicate and increase engagement among young people and the general public around global risks such as climate change, biological collapse and weapons of mass destruction,  which all require improved global cooperation,” says Jens Orback, Executive Director at Global Challenges Foundation.  

Educators of all sorts – teachers, journalists, content creators, PR-professionals, game developers, curators, and influencers – have been encouraged to submit their ideas to the competition. All play a vital role in steering the conversation and promoting positive action in regard to both global collaboration and global catastrophic risks. In total, 72 competing contributions from 30 countries were sent.

The ten winners, who have been decided by a seven-person jury, receive a diploma for their contributions and are awarded with 5,000 USD each.

The winners are:

  •  The global kid
  •  New shores – A game for democracy by centre for systems solutions
  •  Peace boat’s ocean and climate youth ambassadors programme
  •  Applying moonshot thinking and a discovery learning model to address global challenges
  •  Reshaping global governance through citizen empowerment: A replicable school education template
  •  Hard rain project
  •  Climate cost project you change it
  •  Sustainability leadership lab
  •  A school curriculum in complexity science – For engaging with global challenges and their governance

The people's choice was "A global security system: An alternative to war", who won with more than 34 percent of the votes.

Please click here to find out more about the competition, the finalists and the jury panel.  

Victoria Wariaro

Project manager, The Educators' Challenges Prize

Global Challenges Foundation

+46 (0) 723 95 95 70

The Global Challenges Foundation’s objective is to contribute to minimising, preferably eliminating, the major global threats to humanity. To achieve this, the GCF works in two ways: by increasing decision-makers’ and the public’s knowledge and insight about these challenges; and by stimulating discussion and innovative thinking about decision systems that would be able to manage the major global risks more effectively and equitably.

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