Hyundai dealers in Lithuania are investing to Customer Experience

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During 2020 Hyundai dealers are investing heavily into improving the Hyundai customer experience in Lithuania.

Autofortas motors has opened on the 15th of March brand new Hyundai aftersales location on 9-ojo Forto street. 47, where they have had already Hyundai showroom. New aftersales is 650 m2 and there will work 10 employees.
In Klaipeda Autofortas motors opened new Hyundai dealership on the 28th of February 2020 on Svajonės street 40.
This all new dealeship has 450 m2 for showroom and 400 m2 for aftersales. Now Hyundai can offer Hyundai customer experience of the highest level in Klaipėda and Kaunas.
Hyundai has today in Vilnius recently renewed Fakto Auto Hyundai showroom at Laisvės prospekt. 3A, that has 500 m2 showroom and 860 m2 for aftersales.
In addition to that, Autofortas motors will open brand new Hyundai showroom and aftersales at P. Žadeikos street 1, where 600 m2 showroom and 1000 m2 aftersales will start operating soon.
To clear and strenghten the dealer network, Inchcape Kaunas Hyundai operations have been closed in April 2020 and Inchcape Vilnius and Klaipeda Hyundai sales have been closed in March 2020.
As transition period Inchcape Hyundai aftersales in Vilnius and Klaipeda will operate till 31.12.2020.   
After implementing these new dealerships, customer service level of recent and new Hyundai customers will be upgraded heavily.
With these investments all dealerships are also ready for all new Hyundai ECO-models!
Hyundai is unique manufacturer, offering more choice to customer's. Hyundai has hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full electric power trains – and all available in Lithuania.