Nissan Ariya: an all-electric coupé crossover for a new era

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  • Packed with latest connectivity technology in a stylish coupé crossover
  • Up to 500 km range
  • Nissan´s most advanced 4X4 system, e-4ORCE
  • Five core models to be offered in Europe
  • Towing capacity up to 1500 kg
  • Over the air update available

Nissan today revealed the all-new Nissan Ariya electric coupé crossover, marking a new chapter for Nissan electric vehicles. The EV premiered globally through a virtual event hosted at the soon-to-open Nissan Pavilion in Yokohama.

The Ariya – Nissan’s first all-electric coupé crossover– offers powerful acceleration and smooth, quiet operation, as well as an interior with a welcoming lounge-like atmosphere. Its stress-free autonomous driving features, voice personal assistance and seamless connectivity heighten on-road confidence and provides a welcoming environment for the driver and passengers. And with an estimated range of up to 500 kilometers (based on WLTP combined cycle, subject to homologation), Ariya is the perfect partner for daily commutes and road trips alike.

The Nissan Ariya is heavily based on the concept vehicle displayed at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show and first hinted at with the IMx at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. It’s the first production model to represent Nissan’s new electrified brand identity, forging a path toward a new automotive era where electrification, optimized platform packaging and seamless vehicle AI technology will become standard.

Built on an all-new Alliance-developed EV platform, the Ariya is the ultimate expression of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the company’s strategy to further improve the appeal of its vehicles and achieve the ultimate goal of a future with zero emissions and zero vehicle fatalities.

Incorporating the three main pillars of Nissan Intelligent Mobility (Intelligent Power, Intelligent Drive and Intelligent Integration), the Ariya combines advanced electric vehicle technology with a new level of seamless human-machine interface connectivity, offering an entirely new driving experience.

Design: a completely reimagined appearance

The Ariya is Nissan’s ultimate expression of style and technology, with each complementing the other in aesthetics and function. The model’s 100% electric vehicle platform removed fundamental limitations and allowed designers to take new approaches to existing components.

The design represents the Ariya’s first Nissan Intelligent Mobility “touchpoint,” underlining a significant redefinition of Nissan’s design philosophy. This new philosophy is based on what Nissan calls Timeless Japanese Futurism – characterized by a distinctive Japanese approach conveyed in a simple-yet-powerfully modern way.

Nissan’s redesigned brand logo is prominently placed at the center of the aerodynamic shield, beaming with crisp definition from the 20 LEDs that compose it. The new brand logo represents Nissan’s passion and dedication towards innovation by challenging conventional approaches.

The lower section of the shield is bordered by subtle lighting that illuminates, along with the logo, when the Ariya is ready for operation. Thin LED headlamps, constructed with four 20-millimeter mini-projectors, are combined with sequential turn signals to reinvent Nissan’s signature V-motion design.

The cabin of the Ariya has been designed in the most efficient and comfortable way. The interior is more akin to a sleek cafe lounge than to a traditional automotive cabin. The advantages provided by the company’s all-new EV platform have enabled the Ariya to offer one of the most spacious cabin in its class.

The compact nature of the powertrain components made it possible for Nissan’s engineers to install the climate control system under the hood, allowing the designers to utilize the whole length of the cabin without obstructions, such as a transmission tunnel or cabin systems tucked under the instrument panel. Also, a flat, open floor – made possible by the location of the battery at the base of the chassis – and the Ariya’s slim profile Zero Gravity seats result in vast amounts of legroom and easy interaction between front- and rear-seat passengers.

The quiet EV drivetrain and the generous use of sound-absorbing materials result in an exceptionally quiet cabin, allowing everyone inside to relax and enjoy the stress-free, lounge-like space.

Ariya is equipped with a minimalist dashboard. It’s devoid of buttons and switches found in conventional vehicles. Primary climate control functions are integrated into the center dash in the form of capacitive haptic switches that offer the same feeling as mechanical switches by vibrating when touched. They only appear when the car is turned on, providing a technological yet luxury touch to the cockpit area.

Tucked under the center of the instrument panel is a center storage box and foldout tray. The adjustable center console can be moved to suit the driver’s personal preference, and the settings can be saved as part of the driver’s profile for automatic adjustment.

Rear-seat passengers are treated to an abundance of headroom and legroom, with the flat cabin floor allowing them to easily cross their legs and relax. The thin front seats are positioned to obscure the B-pillar, offering occupants an outward panoramic view. The Ariya is also equipped with a sunroof giving its openness and even stronger feel.

e-4ORCE: Ride comfort and handling without compromise

The twin electric motor, all-wheel-drive Ariya models will feature Nissan’s most advanced all-wheel control technology, e-4ORCE. The “e” in e-4ORCE stands for Nissan’s 100% electric motor drive system. “4ORCE” refers to the vehicle’s physical power and energy, with “4” representing all-wheel control. Born from the company’s history of developing memorable all-terrain vehicles and sports cars, e-4ORCE is the offspring of the Nissan GT-R's ATTESA E-TS torque split system and the Nissan Patrol’s intelligent 4X4 system.

Engineers fine-tuned the e-4ORCE’s precision control technology and twin electric motors to provide unparalleled ride comfort. Vehicle pitch and dive are minimized by adding regenerative rear-motor braking to the usual front-motor regenerative braking employed by typical EV and hybrid systems today.

In addition to optimizing front and rear torque allocation, the system applies independent brake control at each of the four wheels to maximize the cornering force generated by each one. This delivers cornering that faithfully follows driver intentions with minimal steering adjustments.

Intelligent Power: formidable EV performance for a wide range of needs

The Nissan Ariya’s all-electric drivetrain is an example of seamless integration of advanced EV technology. It takes the excitement and potential of zero-emission mobility to the next level by integrating excellent power delivery, charging capabilities and extended range.

With five core models offered for the European market, including two-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive versions, the Ariya meets the driving needs of a wide range of customers.

  • The Ariya 63kWh two-wheel-drive model
  • The Ariya 87kWh two-wheel drive model with upgraded powertrain and additional range
  • The Ariya e-4ORCE 63kWh all-wheel-drive model with twin electric motors and e-4ORCE control technology
  • The Ariya e-4ORCE 87kWh all-wheel-drive offers longer range coupled with pure power thanks to the e-4ORCE technology.
  • Topping the range, the Ariya e-4ORCE 87kWh Performance will benefit from a higher power output and will be the epitome of the best performance-technology combination.

To allow even more exploration, the Ariya will be rated to tow up to 1500kg.

A smooth, powerful on-road presence

Staying true to Nissan’s heritage of producing fun-to-drive, exciting cars, the Ariya’s all-new EV platform has been optimized to deliver exceptional handling. The battery pack sits under the center of the vehicle to ensure a low center of gravity and near-equal weight distribution, front and rear. The battery pack’s flat design and integrated cross-member in the battery case, allows the Ariya to have a flat floor and impressive structural rigidity. Suspension components are optimized to take advantage of this, ensuring stable handling and a comfortable ride while also suppressing vibrations and noise from entering the cabin space.

In the rear, the suspension packaging, including the multi-link system and rear electric motor (if equipped), create a great balance of ride comfort, handling and performance.

With three drive modes, including Standard, Sport and ECO (e-4ORCE models include an additional Snow mode), drivers have the ability to customize their experience to match their surroundings. The Ariya’s highly rigid body structure and responsive rack-and-pinion steering system provide the vehicle with crisp turn-in response, while its near 50:50 front/rear weight distribution helps the Ariya behave in a predictable manner through all types of corners. The flat underbody aerodynamic nature assists with a stable ride while a tight turning radius adds to the Ariya’s capability not only on the highway, but also narrow streets and parking.

While every Ariya version will feature impressive driving range in its segment, it also boasts remarkable range recovery and quick-charge performance using Combined Charging System in Europe. This is thanks in part to its battery thermal control feature, which constantly optimizes the operating temperature of the liquid-cooled battery.

The Nissan Ariya 63kWh versions carry a 7.4 kW charger for domestic use, while the 87kWh include a 22kW 3 phase charger for home charging. The Ariya can also support quick charging up to 130kW.

Intelligent Driving: a high-tech, low-stress driving experience

The Ariya provides occupants with the latest Nissan technologies, including an enhanced ProPILOT version. Equipped as standard on the second generation Nissan LEAF, ProPILOT is a hands-on assistance system that helps drivers stay centered in their lane, navigate stop-and-go highway traffic and maintain a set vehicle speed and distance to the vehicle ahead.

ProPILOT with Navi-link offers an enhanced experience from the acclaimed ProPILOT system first introduced with the LEAF. With the addition of road data and sensing technology, the system is able to offer a smoother ride during single-lane highway driving, and can amongst else help adjust vehicle speed based on upcoming road conditions, such as smoothly slowing the vehicle before a sharp corner ahead.

In addition to all-new advanced technologies creating a smoother, relaxing ride, the Nissan Ariya also features driver assistance features like e-Pedal, first introduced in the Nissan LEAF electric car. This allows the driver to accelerate and decelerate down to a stop by using only the accelerator pedal.

The Nissan Ariya is also equipped with additional innovative 360-degree safety features such as the signature Nissan Safety Shield, which includes Intelligent Around View Monitor, Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, Intelligent Emergency Braking, and Rear Automatic Emergency Brake, as well as ProPILOT Park that takes the stress out of parking by the car parking for you.

Intelligent Integration: keeping the Nissan Ariya up-to-date and at maximum potential

The Ariya is equipped with the latest in connectivity, including a new human-machine interface and firmware over the air updates. Nissan’s intelligent personal assistance technology features a hybrid voice recognition system with advanced natural language understanding technology to handle in-vehicle assistance without the driver taking their eyes off the road.

Ariya owners can check the status of the battery from the breakfast table. With a scheduled destination, the Intelligent Route Planner will send a reminder when it’s time to depart. While driving, the system monitors road conditions and suggests alternative routes to keep travel times short. By using the NissanConnect smartphone app, calibration of the Ariya’s climate controls can be set just the way the driver likes, even before entering the vehicle. With the use of Intelligent Key doors automatically unlock. The exterior front and rear lights, as well as the Nissan emblem, switch on automatically, signaling that the vehicle detects the driver. The interior lights softly fade on when the door is opened, allowing the driver and passengers to see the entire cabin. The seat, steering wheel position and auto-sliding center console are all adjusted based on the saved driver profile linked with the Intelligent Key.

The display interface features both a 12.3-inch instrument monitor and 12.3-inch center display along a single horizon. The displays shows battery information, range, navigation etc, and can be easily reached and scrolled through with the simple swipe. The driver can easily swipe between the displays to customize the information.

The Ariya’s boasts one of the largest full-color heads-up displays in the segment. The projected display shows similar information found in the meter display. By saying “Hello Nissan” or “Hey Nissan,” occupants can ask for vehicle information and manage the travel route, including searching for points of interest, verbally. The Nissan Ariya’s in-vehicle commands are executed by a hybrid voice recognition system based on natural-language understanding, allowing for normal, conversational sentences. With an embedded connectivity (4G), the system can access cloud data to better understand unique requests.

The Ariya is the first Nissan model with firmware over the air updates, called Remote Software Upgrade. The technology automatically updates various software inside the vehicle – specifically, software that controls the multimedia system, electric and electronic architecture, chassis, climate system and EV settings – without having to take the vehicle to a service center.

The future of the electric vehicle is now

The Nissan Ariya coupé crossover marks a new era for electric vehicles, promising an incredibly powerful and smooth ride thanks to the full strength of Nissan Intelligent Mobility delivered by the latest assistance technologies designed to support, respond and respect the driver’s intentions. A design inspired by Timeless Japanese Futurism gives all occupants a welcome, personal impression that aims to surpass expectations.

More details about Ariya’s availability and pricing in Europe will be shared in the coming months.

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Five Versions of Nissan Ariya will be available in Europe


Europe-market specifications

Ariya (2WD) Ariya (AWD – e-4ORCE)
63kWh 87kWh 63kWh 87kWh 87kWh Performance
Battery Capacity*Battery capacity estimated, subject to homologation 65 kWh(nominal)63 kWh (usable) 90 kWh(nominal)87 kWh (usable) 65 kWh(nominal)63 kWh (usable) 90 kWh(nominal)87 kWh (usable) 90 kWh(nominal)87 kWh (usable)
Output 160 kW 178 kW 205 kW 225 kW 290 kW
Torque 300 Nm 300 Nm 560 Nm 600 Nm 600 Nm
Acceleration (0-100 Km) 7.5 sec. 7.6 sec. 5.9 sec. 5.7 sec. 5.1 sec.
Top speed 160 km/h 160 km/h 200 km/h 200 km/h 200 km/h
Estimated range*Estimation based on WLTP combined cycle Up to 360 km Up to 500 km Up to 340 km Up to 460 km Up to 400 km
Length 4595 mm
Width 1850 mm
Height 1660 mm
Weight(depending on version and equipment) 1.8t – 2.3t
Wheelbase 2775 mm
Luggage Capacity 2WD: LHD 468L, RHD 466L4WD: LHD 415L, RHD 408L
Charging type CCS (For Europe)
Tire size(front and rear) 235/55R19255/45R20 (available as an option)

The above specifications are as of July 2020 and are subject to homologation.

Model names, features and specifications may vary by market.


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