Puurakentajat prepares for growth by updating its strategy and group structure and by appointing new board members

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Puurakentajat Group Oy, the Finnish expert in wood and cross laminated timber (CLT) construction, has in its Annual General Meeting on 27 August 2020 approved the company's new strategy and the renewed group structure supporting the revised strategy. At the same time, the company appointed two new board members.


The mission of Puurakentajat is to build solid wood CLT -buildings where people feel well.

Our strategic goal is to be the industry’s best solid wood constructor, designing and constructing carbon-neutral wooden buildings with a deep sense of professionalism and pride. We drive the industry towards more ecological and cost-effective construction through more integrated project management, continuous LEAN thinking, digitalization and not least, by using our considerable wood construction expertise.

Our construction projects are developed and implemented in partnership with our partners, such as construction companies, real estate funds, pension insurance companies, municipalities and cities. Our strategy is based on our own proprietary design, construction and our own professional staff.

Our strategy is to continue to grow profitably and faster than the market, both organically and through acquisitions. Currently, our geographical focus is on growth centers in Finland, but our long-term ambition is to expand internationally.


Puurakentajat appointed two new members to the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting: Jarmo Suominen, Professor, Service Architecture at Aalto and Tongji Universities as well as co-founder of NGIN Workplace Ltd and TRACTR Ltd, and Sally Järvelä, Medical Director at Kanta-Häme Hospital District, Doctor of Medical Science and MBA. The new members of the Board bring experience and insights from other industries, which is very important for the development of our operations and the implementation of our new strategy.

Jyrki Huttunen, the company's founder, majority owner and chief operating officer, Mikke Ruuhonen, Chairman of the Board, and Mikko Leino, CEO, were re-elected as members of the Board.

Mikko Leino has been appointed the new CEO of Puurakentajat Group Oy on August 25, 2020. Prior to his appointment, Leino served as the company's Chief Operating Officer since 2018. Jyrki Huttunen will continue as the CEO of Puurakentajat Rakennus Oy, which focuses on construction projects.


The Annual General Meeting also approved the company's new group structure, which includes Puurakentajat Suunnittelu Oy, Puurakentajat Pientalot Oy, Puurakentajat Rakennus Oy and Puurakentajat Invest Oy.

The purpose of the new group structure is to concentrate key growth areas (planning, residential properties, construction and real-estate development) into separate entities, and that way take a step towards achieving the company’s ambitious growth targets.

Mikke Ruuhonen, Chairman of the Board:

“CLT-construction contributes to the international goals for mitigating climate change and it can be considered one of the most significant ways to achieve the international climate goals in the construction industry. Demand for solid wood production will grow strongly both in Finland and internationally. We will now start implementing our new growth strategy, supported by our new group structure and the renewed Board of Directors. ”

Jyrki Huttunen, founder:

“Our company's core values ​​have always been an important part of what we do and our expertise. It is important to us that everything we do shows strong professionalism, quality and reliability. We care about the world in which we operate. As the company grows and its priorities evolve, these changes must be reflected not only in our daily operations but also in our strategy and our leadership. However, throughout this change, our core values ​​remain unchanged and they continue to serve as the backbone of our company and our way of operating.

Further information
Mikke Ruuhonen, Chairman of the Board
Tel. +358 (
0)400 150 206

E-mail: mikke.ruuhonen@puurakentajat.fi

Mikke Ruuhonen, CEO
Tel. +358 (0)40 551 4055
E-mail: mikko.leino@puurakentajat.fi

Puurakentajat Group Oy is a Finnish expert in wood and CLT -construction with decades of experience in solid wood construction and renovation. We design, produce and build ecologically sustainable and healthy residential properties, apartment buildings and e.g. nurseries and schools.

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) construction enables modern architectural solutions and contributes to economic, environmental and health efficiencies. We build solid wood buildings where people feel well. www.puurakentajat.fi.


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