About Us

We just get it. The data you need for the planet you love. The world’s premier marketplace for on-demand drone data. From the Himalayas to Machu Picchu we got your back. When you need drone data, ranging from Thermal, LiDAR, or Multispectral to Optical/RGB, we just get it. And we get it anywhere on Earth. Globhe, short for Global Health, has a vision to one day picture a thriving planet with thriving communities. A collective movement pushing for progress, rooted in the belief that data is a cornerstone of creating a habitable world for all. We are an impact-tech company building software for climate clients and sustainable infrastructure, that lets you tap into tens of thousands of drones all over the world so that you can stop worrying about data collection, and focus on what to do with it. Our drone data marketplace platform manages and scales your data collection through local and professional Drone Service Providers and Drone Operators anywhere on Earth. To date, we have not shed from a single mission and we aim to keep that promise: Accurate and actionable drone data from anywhere in the world, accessed through one single platform marketplace.