Mobile agreement ready in Denmark

Mobile agreement ready in Denmark Stockholm, Sweden-October 26, 2000 - Glocalnet signed a service provider agreement today with the Danish GSM operator SONOFON. Glocalnet is now able to provide both fixed and mobile telecommunication services in Denmark. "With the signing of this agreement, Glocalnet is taking yet another step to offering a complete assortment of communication services to the consumer market", says Glocalnet's CEO, Stefan Krook. "The telecommunication market is developing towards integrated services and consumers are combining fixed and mobile services to a larger degree. Glocalnet is prepared to meet the new demands of the customers". In cooperation with Cisco Systems, Glocalnet is establishing an IP-based network for fixed telephony in Denmark that enables a direct connection to TeleDanmark. This further improves the company's cost efficiency and provides competitive advantages within the development and integration of communication services. "Glocalnet is an innovative company and we believe that innovation is what it takes to be successful on the market. They have shown their strength through their ability to use cutting-edge technology in a way that benefits the consumer. SONOFON welcomes Glocalnet as a customer and we are convinced that they will succeed here", says Ulrik Bülow, Managing Director of SONOFON. Through the agreement with SONOFON, Glocalnet continues to pursue the strategy of not building an infrastructure themselves, but instead providing their services in collaboration with network operators. SONOFON increases the value of its network through collaboration with chosen service providers that address the market with differentiated services and alternative distribution channels. Glocalnet develops and provides communication services sold directly to the end customer or alongside marketing partners. This year, Glocalnet intends to become Sweden's third largest fixed private telephony player. The company's vision is to become a leading operator of Internet-based services in Northern Europe. Glocalnet has strategic collaborations with corporations such as Cisco Systems and Portal Software. Glocalnet is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and the company's stock is quoted on Stockholm Exchange's O list. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: