Germany celebrates 100 Years of Bauhaus

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New launched website to walk in the great designer’s footsteps.

Bauhaus: As hip as ever.
Ask 10 people what “Bauhaus” means and you will get 10 different definitions. From arts and crafts to modern technology. Bauhaus is all of those and more. As diverse as the impact of Bauhaus of daily life across North America nowadays, as wide is the range of discoveries one can make by traveling in Germany.

Follow the Bauhaus Trail.
In Germany, it is easy to follow in the footsteps of the leaders of the movement. See the cradle of the Bauhaus in Thuringia, and experience the home of modernism in Saxony-Anhalt. Start in Weimar just as the Bauhaus School did. Only 3 hours southwest of Berlin, this city still presents itself as a cultural hotspot. Walk the same ancient lanes as two of Germany’s most famous au-thors, Goethe and Schiller, did some 200 years ago. Head for Dessau-Rosslau, and feel the spirit of industrial design and pioneering inventions of the Bauhaus time.  This is where the school of design experienced its golden period. Don’t forget to also take a look off the beaten track, as there is much more to see and do in BauhausLand. For a selection of travel destination points visit our new website:

Dig a little deeper. Walk the great German designer’s footsteps.
Years before he came to Cambridge Mass. in 1937 to become professor of architecture at Harvard University, Gropius had already begun to revolu-tionize the idea of design in Germany. Discover more on a student-led tour of what is now the Bauhaus University in Weimar. And what is nicknamed the home of modernism, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation still flies the flag for edgy design today, with research and study programs that merge design, art and science. Experience where the idea of new design came from and what originally inspired the “Bauhaus-Meister”. During your trip through BauhausLand, make sure to meet with those involved in the movement. We are happy to help you arrange a meeting.

Don’t miss it! We make sure you’ll be part of the celebrations.
The Bauhaus opened in 1919, so next year brings the centenary of this inspirational movement. For us, this is reason enough to celebrate 100 Years of Bauhaus! In Germany, and in Bauhaus style of course. With concerts, festivals, major exhibitions in new museums opening in Weimar and Dessau… and much more. Admire iconic Bauhaus buildings, dine in a Bauhaus-designed restaurant. You can even stay in an authentic Bauhaus-designed B&B. Pick a topic! Go Bauhaus: Go back to the past. Come forward to the present. Look into the future. Come meet the people in BauhausLand.

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