Chairman Rune Löderup acquires 1,816,244 shares in GoldBlue AB and receives lent shares in return

”The reason for my share purchase is that the share is extremely depressed and does not reflect at all the underlying asset value in the company. The stock market does not seem to understand or price GoldBlue's future growth opportunities or value of the assets the company has.

There has also been speculation about the equity loans I and Board member Staffan Lindgren have given to Recall Capital. This was done to have room for a reserve funding for the company. However, Recall Capital has not had to sell shares to borrow capital for GoldBlue, since the funding was recently secured with a bridge loan of SEK 3.5 million. Therefore, Recall Capital has now returned the borrowed shares, says Rune Löderup, Chairman of GoldBlue AB.

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Jihua Liu, Head of IR
Tel: +46 (0)8 559 25 266 

GoldBlue AB is a Swedish listed investment company within the iGaming business with focus on growth markets in Asia. 

About Us

GoldBlue AB is a growing investment company founded in 2013 by experienced persons from the financial and gaming industry. The core business of the company consists of investing and administering shareholdings in companies, which through partners or by themselves offer igaming to end users via the internet. GoldBlue AB through its subsidiary operates the most comprehensive casino game selection online and in the mobile. GoldBlue AB target emerging markets where the great growth potentials are.


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