The parties have agreed on a final price on the company's assets

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GoldBlue AB (publ) ("GoldBlue" or "The Company") has received a bid for the company's subsidiary GoldBlue Ltd, which through its subsidiaries owns all of the company's significant assets. The bidder is a European gaming operator who wants to enter the Asian gaming market quickly.

Following partial due diligence, the parties have agreed on a final price for GoldBlue Ltd of EUR 2.9 million or approximately SEK 31.2 million. The board of GoldBlue AB has agreed to move forward with the bidder and has now signed an exclusivity agreement which gives the buyer a deadline until September 5th, by completing a legal due diligence and a purchase agreement. The buyer also lends EUR 250,000 or SEK 2,687,500 to GoldBlue to show their commitment to complete the acquisition. The interest rate on the loan is 5 percent per year. The loan will be set-off the total cash consideration for GoldBlue Ltd or payed back if the deal will not be concluded.

GoldBlue also wants to clarify that there are risks that the deal can be canceled unless the bidder is satisfied after due diligence is complete or the parties do not agree on the details of a purchase agreement.

If the parties agree and sign a purchase agreement, GoldBlue AB will distribute the majority of the capital they receive for the sale of the assets. GoldBlue AB will remain as a listed company if Nordic Growth Market accepts this and the Board will look at what can provide the best return for all owners. This could be, for example, a change of business or the use of the listed company, which has approximately 4,500 shareholders, to make ownership distributions for other companies that need this before listing.

This information is a translation of “Parterna har kommit överens om ett slutligt pris på bolagets tillgångar” that GoldBlue AB (publ) submitted for publication at 12:41 CET on 12 August 2019. In case of differences, the Swedish press release shall prevail.   

For more information please contact:

Jihua Liu, Head of IR
Tel: +46 (0)8 559 25 266   

About GoldBlue

GoldBlue AB (publ) is a Swedish listed investment company within iGaming, focusing on emerging markets. GoldBlue offers players in emerging markets the latest in iGaming, powered by the latest technology, with modern user interface (UI) and mobile friendly. GoldBlue is listed on NGM Nordic MTF, which gives shareholders the unique opportunity to invest in iGaming in emerging markets through a Swedish listed company. The Company’s Mentor is G&W Fondkommission AB, 08-503 000 50.

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