TOP 10 – The oldest environmental zones in Europe - The fight against particulate pollution and other pollutants was already announced in 1995

Berlin, 21.08.2019. The Green-Zones portal has determined when the first environmental zones were established in European cities in order to reduce particulate pollution.

Great Britain ranks 10th among the oldest environmental zones in Europe with a permanent Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in London. Here, all vehicle types must be registered before entering the environmental zone.
Special features: Vintage cars older than 40 years as well as excavators and mobile cranes are still allowed to enter the zone. A complex registration process applies to all other vehicles in order to avoid the fixed penalties of up to 1,150 euros.

The environmental zones in Germany and the Netherlands are ranked in the middle. In January 2008, the first environmental zones were established in Berlin, Cologne and Hanover, where all types of vehicles could initially enter the zone with a red environmental badge. In the Netherlands, on the other hand, the first zones were set up six months earlier, but no badges were issued.

Stockholm is ranked 1st among the oldest environmental zones in Europe. The zone in the Swedish capital was established on 18.06.1995 and now covers the entire city centre. In Stockholm, buses and trucks over 3.5 t with the EURO standards 0-4 are banned from traffic. In case of infringement, 100 euros fine is imposed. Cars are currently not yet affected by the driving ban, so that tourists do not risk to incur a fine.

Find below a table with the TOP-10 zones. All details for each environmental zone in Europe can be viewed by clicking on the links in the table.
The TOP rankings of Europe’s environmental zones will continue in the summer months – followed by evaluations of the “largest”, “smallest”, “most polluted”, “oldest”, “newest”, “most beautiful”, “most dangerous” and “most unusual” environmental zones in Europe.

The Berlin-based company Green-Zones provides information about permanent and weather-dependent (temporary) environmental zones in Europe and in the respective European countries through its portals,, and, among others. Thanks to the free Green-Zones app and the professional app (Fleet-App), tourists and especially commercial users (e.g. bus and transport companies) can obtain reliable information in real time about the current environmental zones. The required badges and registrations are also available from Green-Zones. 

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