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  • TOP 10 – The smallest environmental zones in Europe - German diesel mini zones fit into a football field

TOP 10 – The smallest environmental zones in Europe - German diesel mini zones fit into a football field

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Berlin, 11.09.2019. The Green-Zones portal has determined the dimensions of the smallest environmental zones in Europe, measured by their length and width.

The Austrian environmental zone of Tirol ranks 10th among the smallest environmental zones in Europe. The zone established on the A12 highway near the Inn river valley is 83.6 km long and 22 m wide. On an area of 1.84 km² trucks are only allowed to drive with the EURO 4 standard, but buses and cars with all EURO standards currently have free access.

The “Grande Île” (Big Island) of Strasbourg is ranked 9th among the smallest environmental zones. The island lies in the city centre and is about 1,400 long and 950 m wide. It covers an area of 1.33 km². From September 2019, delivery trucks will require at least the Crit’Air vignette 3 to enter the zone, unless the weather-related ZPA zone imposes further restrictions to the driving ban overwriting the other rules.

The diesel driving ban zones in German cities are ranked in the middle among the smallest environmental zones in Europe. The driving ban zones of Stresemannstraße and Max-Brauer-Allee in Hamburg are respectively 3.000 m and 550 m long and 10 m and 15 m wide and their areas cover 0.03 km² and 0.008 km². In these zones driving bans on diesel vehicles complying with the EURO 0-5 standards are imposed.

The diesel driving ban zone in Düsseldorf, Germany, ranks 1st among the smallest environmental zones. The environmental zone established on the right-hand lane of Prinz-Georg-Straße is 650 m long and 2.5 m wide (in each direction), resulting in an area of 3,250 m², not even half the size of a football field. Only electric and hybrid vehicles are permitted.

Find below a table with the TOP-10 zones. All details for each environmental zone in Europe can be viewed by clicking on the links in the table.
The TOP rankings of Europe’s environmental zones will continue in the summer months – followed by evaluations of the “largest”, “smallest”, “most polluted”, “oldest”, “newest”, “most beautiful”, “most dangerous” and “most unusual” environmental zones in Europe.

The Berlin-based company Green-Zones provides information about permanent and weather-dependent (temporary) environmental zones in Europe and in the respective European countries through its portals green-zones.eu, umweltplakette.de, crit-air.fr and blaue-plakette.de, among others. Thanks to the free Green-Zones app and the professional app (Fleet-App), tourists and especially commercial users (e.g. bus and transport companies) can obtain reliable information in real time about the current environmental zones. The required badges and registrations are also available from Green-Zones. 

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