Greenfood invests in the latest charging technology for electric cars

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Greenfood is now making another in a series of major sustainability investments. The group's new 44,000 square metre food facility in Helsingborg is to be equipped with large-scale electric car charging using the latest technology. The investment will make it easier for employees to choose an electric car, while also reducing Greenfood's climate impact.

Sales of electric cars continue to increase. But the lack of charging points also means that many people are hesitating to change to e-vehicles. To help its employees make more sustainable choices in their everyday lives, and facilitate the transition to electric cars, Greenfood's new state-of-the-art food and logistics centre in Helsingborg will be equipped with large-scale electric car charging from the Swedish greentech company, ChargeNode.

“We are investing in large-scale electrification together with ChargeNode because their smart charging technology allows us to offer significantly more charging points than we initially planned. In addition, the system can be scaled up for hundreds more charging points, and we can distribute power so that all cars get enough charging. This makes charging both efficient and sustainable,” said Johan Wohlin, who is responsible for the project and COO at Greenfood-owned Salico.

Right from the start, the goal of the new Greenhouse facility has been to create the food and logistics centre of the future with a focus on modern technology and sustainability. Greenfood’s Greenhouse will become one of Northern Europe's largest centres for sustainable and healthy food production and distribution and will, among other things, be equipped with its own solar cell plant, efficient cooling systems, modern heat recovery, landscaping to promote biodiversity, and state-of-the-art charging infrastructure for both lorries and private cars.

“Everything we stand for, and everything we offer our customers, depends on a healthy planet. Therefore, it is important to us that we work to reduce our climate footprint through sustainable investments such as Greenhouse, and large-scale electric car charging. An equally important aspect is to support our staff, to help them make more sustainable choices,” said Lisa Isakson, Head of Sustainability at Greenfood.

The collaboration with ChargeNode is part of Greenfood's green infrastructure investment, and the installation is planned to be operational early next year. The design consists of a climate-smart aluminium beam with integrated sockets for 80 cars that can be scaled up to as many as 300 charging points.