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  • Picadeli turns up the volume on new sustainability efforts – will eliminate 120 tons of plastic annually

Picadeli turns up the volume on new sustainability efforts – will eliminate 120 tons of plastic annually

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After dropping all red meat this fall, food tech pioneer Picadeli puts focus on reducing the plastic with a plastic-free bowl lid and eliminates single-use plastic dressing cups. All measures are part of a long-term sustainability engagement to reduce the company's climate footprint. The initiative aims to set an example for the food industry to act on the accelerating climate crisis and the plastic issue.

According to data from Earth Day, 8 million metric tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean annually, proving to be dangerous to our planet, health and wildlife. Single-use plastics are a big part of the problem and in order to do something about it Picadeli now introduces a new 100 percent plastic free salad bowl lid, created in collaboration with Renewable Materials Company Stora Enso. The initiative is estimated to reduce 120 metric tons of plastic annually and is one of the company's climate initiatives after dropping all red meat in their salad bars last fall.

– Some might say that there is no such thing as healthy fast food - I think it’s fair to say that we have proven them wrong. Our next mission is to prove that fast food can contribute to a healthier planet as well. We are proud of these additional leaps and are committed to constantly finding new solutions in order to create possibilities for both healthy people and a healthy planet, says David von Laskowski, President & CEO, Greenfood Group & Picadeli.

Another measure taken to reduce plastic waste is the replacement of single-use dressing cups with stationary bottles. The new solution permits Picadeli to keep used plastics where there is waste sorting and recycling possibilities, avoiding littering in parks and other public spaces. At the same time Picadeli takes the opportunity to update the dressings with clean labels, improved taste and new flavours.