Households Leading the UK Towards Their Climate Goals

Recent data has helped Greenmatch paint a picture of the UK’s current position in their course to reduce greenhouse gases by 57% by 2030. Being the second largest energy consumer in the UK, homeowners can help slow down climate change and achieve the climate goals for 2030.

Households Headed Towards the 2030 Climate Goals

The Committee on Climate Change has set specific targets for lowering greenhouse gas emissions in UK households by 2030. On a domestic level, the main target is set at reducing direct CO2 emissions from UK households through the insulation of homes, and the installation of solar panels and heat pumps.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Have Dropped Once Again

Data from the UK government has shown that direct CO2 emissions from UK households have decreased by 18% since 1990, while the 2030 target is set at a decrease of 24%. Additional data has shown that, thanks to a reduction in the use of natural gas for domestic heating, the electricity generation per capita is the lowest since 1984. Although the UK is on the right track, there is still some work left to do.

The Key to Carbon Reduction

The CO2 emissions reduction in 2017 was mainly thanks to an increased use of green energy through renewables in the form of wind energy (20%), bioenergy (12%), and solar energy (5%). Additionally, thanks to an increase in energy efficiency and environmental consciousness in today’s society, electricity use has also lowered. Finally, the coal-to-gas switch significantly contributed to the reduction of CO2 emissions in 2017, accounting for 29% of the total reduction. Recently, the UK even experienced its first day without coal-fired power in the last 130 years.

If you would like to know more about how you can reduce your own carbon footprint, you can find additional information in our recent blogpost on Greenmatch.


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