Top 10 Solar Blogs to Follow in 2019

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GreenMatch’s ‘Top 10 Solar Blogs to Follow in 2019’ award honours bloggers who are dedicated to raising awareness about the benefits of solar panels and their valuable contribution to the environment. These blogs are committed to creating a greener planet by providing their readers with unique, valuable, and timely content about solar energy.


The first place goes to SunPower, a global leader in solar innovation which is determined to raise the bar of sustainability in the industry. Coming in second is WholeSale Solar, a full-grown business which started off with a family that decided to build their own solar-powered home. The bronze medal, finally, goes to Pick My Solar, an online marketplace for solar energy that makes the solar purchasing process easier for consumers.

SunPower: Overall Score of 465 out of 600

SunPower had a great overall score, with 465 out of 600 points. However, they especially stood out with their extremely high Social Media popularity score of 41.82 out of 100. WholeSale Solar then followed with 458 points in total, thanks to the second highest readability score and the third highest social media popularity score. Finally, Pick My Solar did a great job regarding all of the dimensions of their website. With a total score of 450 and the maximum score on four out of six dimensions, Pick My Solar ended up on a well-deserved third place.

6 Different Dimensions: How the Research Was Conducted

In order to get an overview of which solar blogs are best to follow in 2019, GreenMatch has conducted a study of numerous solar blogs from around the world. GreenMatch based the research on objective, quantitative measures and, as such, has looked into a variety of dimensions regarding content engagement and web design experience.

First, in order to get an idea of each website’s content engagement, the visual content, the readability of the content, whether the content contains unique information, and how popular the website is on social media was assessed. Second, in order to rate each website’s web design experience, the study has looked into several aspects of user experience and the mobile friendliness of the blog.

If you would like to read the full article and find out who else ended up on the top 10 list, you can find it in our most recent publication on GreenMatch.

We would once again like to thank all of the nominees for their hard work and commitment to making our everyday lives more sustainable. We admire all of their inputs and hope to see more of their inspiring work in the future!

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