TEDINC LLC Launches New “Comparative Audio” App

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TEDINC LLC, a leader in audio language learning, launches their new App called “Comparative Audio”. Comparative Audio, compatible with all Apple iPads, is the only App on the marketplace today that allows a listener to not only play audio and video files, but also gives him/her the ability to record their voice simultaneously for audio comparison. The listener can now use this outstanding and unique tool to practice a new language to improve pronunciation and intonation. With the Comparative Audio App, listeners can upload and download files from an FTP server, making it easy to download digital assets, modify them to their liking, and upload them for easy recall. The App can also retrieve previously saved recording sessions.

“The Comparative Audio App is doing exactly what student stations in a language lab have been doing so worldwide for the last 50 years. One of the most important steps to learning a foreign language is to be able to record oneself, listen to oneself, and compare it to a native speaker,” says Erik Moseby, founder and creator of the Comparative Audio App. “With tablet-based learning finally taking off, we wanted to create a portable solution to the traditional classroom-based language lab. And we have a long history on what a language lab should be.”

According to a recent independent review, “The app delivers on its promises. I was able to record it any point during video playback, using the aptly named ‘insert voice’ button. The innovative function is something we have never seen in an iPad App.”

“Typically, a student can only attend a language lab once a week,” says Erik Moseby. “The portability factor here is huge in that now you can learn a language anywhere, anytime, even traveling on a business flight overseas.”

If it’s Karaoke you want, Comparative Audio is also a one-of-a-kind record and playback Karaoke machine. Presently, there are many Karaoke Apps out there, but none that allow the singer to insert his/her voice into the Karaoke audio file, recording it, and saving it for future reediting, and even playback.

Stay tuned for additional features!

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Our new language learning app you can record and add your own voice to nearly any language audio file, to easily compare it to the spoken track! Comparative Audio App also is a great interactive Karaoke App!
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