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  • GRID launches no-code spreadsheet-to-web tool, enabling everyday spreadsheet users to build smart, interactive web documents

GRID launches no-code spreadsheet-to-web tool, enabling everyday spreadsheet users to build smart, interactive web documents

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Iceland-based startup launches productivity tool aiming to ease common challenges of sharing and presenting data from spreadsheets

Reykjavik, Iceland – March 23, 2021

GRID, the Iceland-based SaaS startup on a mission to revolutionize the way people work with data and numbers, today announced the official launch of its no-code productivity tool that will enable spreadsheet users around the world to build interactive, smart documents from their spreadsheets and share them easily on the web.

With an estimated 1 billion spreadsheet users worldwide, there are a huge number of business professionals who encounter the same challenges when it comes to sharing and presenting data from spreadsheets. Formatting, emailing, updating, and trying to communicate insights from spreadsheets are well-known headaches in the world of spreadsheet users. GRID intends to change that.

Nimrod Priell, CEO of Cord and one of GRID's earliest adopters, believes the value GRID provides to his organization is especially significant during a time when remote teams are in need of powerful software solutions. Priell shares, “GRID was invaluable for us — it's quite hard exploring a few options dynamically in an Excel file, and having the explanation together with a dynamic model with visualization is exactly what was needed to explore how growth could look like and what time horizon and budget it would take over this asynchronous, remote world we all found ourselves in!”

GRID has been in open beta since August 2020, following the company’s $12M Series A led by NEA. In the six months since then, both the company and product have seen rapid growth, with the team increasing from 14 to 25 and daily signups for the beta program more than doubling. In addition, GRID has added several of its community’s most requested features to the product. Users now enjoy the ability to embed GRID documents on their websites, a new and improved editor UI experience, instant synchronization with  Google Sheets, and a whole host of other improvements and features.

GRID’s new ‘Professional’ tier, offers a more powerful publishing feature set to subscribers, including custom branded embeds, more options for editing the look and feel of GRID documents, as well as document statistics and other information about document usage. These features are especially valuable for business users who want to publish data models, reports, and calculators either as a service to their existing clientele or as tools to capture new leads. GRID empowers ‘Professional’ tier subscribers to build custom assets themselves and publish them easily to their websites, saving time and money that would otherwise be spent on hiring a developer for the task.

Hjalmar Gislason, CEO and founder of GRID explains, “With GRID you no longer need to email spreadsheet files or copy-paste charts and tables into PowerPoints and PDFs for distribution.”

As the author of the spreadsheet, GRID allows you to decide which data people see, how they can interact with your models, and remain in control over the distribution of those insights. “No more final-final2.xlsx!” Gislason adds, tongue in cheek.

GRID will continue to offer users a feature-rich free tier, with subscription options available to those who want to make use of GRID’s more powerful publishing functions as of today. Get started for free at www.grid.is.

About GRID
GRID was founded in 2018 by entrepreneur and data enthusiast Hjalmar Gislason and a group of fellow software veterans who recognized early on that any journey to change the way people work with data would start with spreadsheets. GRID helps people who need to present and securely share data to transform their spreadsheets into beautiful, interactive documents. GRID streamlines workflow, saves time and supports informed decision-making – ensuring a delightful, visually dynamic experience in sharing data narratives and analyses. GRID is the new face of spreadsheets. Learn more at
www.grid.is and find out why NEA led our 12M Series A.

Hjalmar Gislason, Founder and CEO
hg@grid.is / +354 860 3800 / 617-803-0486


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