Gunnebo Modernises Locker Service for African Bank

The Gunnebo Security Group has signed an order with Standard Bank in South Africa for the installation of SafeStore Auto, an automated safe deposit locker solution, at the bank’s flagship branch in Sandton, Johannesburg.

The order is worth a total of MEUR 1.4 and delivery will be completed in 2013. It follows previous installations of the solutions at other Standard Bank branches which have proved to be a success.

The SafeStore Auto Maxi will house almost 4,000 safe deposit lockers in a basement vault which two robots will deliver to the bank’s clients on the ground floor. Demand for the service is such that space has been allowed in the vault for a further 1,900 lockers to be installed at a later date.

“One major benefit is the reduction in operating costs,” says Trevor Dean, Senior Manager of Design & Configuration at Standard Bank. “Also, we are able to use prime office space much more effectively and automated processes mean less staff time is required to run this application.”

“This order is a very good example of how Gunnebo carefully selects the best from our global portfolio and step by step introduces the solutions to local markets,” says Gunnebo’s President and CEO, Per Borgvall.

“Gunnebo South Africa are proud to feature the SafeStore Auto in our product portfolio and have Standard Bank showcase it to the public,” comments Martin Houseman, Gunnebo’s Regional Director for Africa and the Middle East.

Standard Bank is a leading financial services organisation with a 150-year history in South Africa and over 1,200 branches across the continent. For many years, Gunnebo has been a key supplier to the bank for all its physical security requirements, including vaults, undercounter safes and treasury safes, and has also recently upgraded its regional and head office buildings with new SpeedStile entrance control solutions.

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