New Gunnebo Software Platform Promises Major Efficiency Gains

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Gunnebo has designed a new software platform that will be applied to the complete Cash Management product portfolio, promising major gains in efficiency and a much-improved customer experience.

Known as the EMA (Easy Modular Assisted) platform, the software enables secure control of devices and data management. It is multi-currency – it can handle up to 12 currencies simultaneously in the same transaction – and multi-language, with a customisable workflow and an intuitive graphical user interface.

 The new EMA platform has several advantages:

  •  Customisation and integration will be greatly simplified for our engineers, promising major efficiency gains
  •  The operating system allows straightforward updates and upgrades
  •  Customers will become accustomed to working with a single common interface and workflow across all Gunnebo machines
  •  Commonality means lower costs

Designed by Gunnebo, the EMA runs on Linux and Windows, with modular design to simplify integration on different devices.

EMA has already undergone months of testing in the field with selected customers. The launch of the first machines with the new software will take place in November 2018.

"The EMA will help Gunnebo stand out from the competition because our products will be instantly identifiable by their distinctive, sophisticated and user-friendly interface," says Tomas Wängberg, Senior Vice President Business Unit Cash Management.

The software, and the expertise acquired in creating it, also have the potential to benefit other Business Units within Gunnebo.

GUNNEBO AB (publ) 
Group Communication

For more information, please contact:
Tomas Wängberg, SVP Business Unit Cash Management, tel. +46 705 94 24 44, or
Karin Wallström Nordén, SVP Marketing & Communications Gunnebo AB,
tel. +46 708 28 33 39 

Gunnebo AB (publ) is a leading, global security provider offering a range of sustainable security products, services and software to retail, mass transit, public and commercial buildings, industrial and high-risk sites, and banks. Gunnebo operates within four core business units: Safe Storage (35% of Group sales), Cash Management (22% of Group sales) Entrance Control (20% of Group sales), and Integrated Security (23% of Group sales). In 2017, Gunnebo continuing operations had a turnover of MSEK 4,900 generated by 4,400 employees located in 25 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.

The discontinued business represented MSEK 1,130 turnover with 930 employees in three countries.

Gunnebo’s share (GUNN) is traded on NASDAQ Stockholm under Mid Cap and Industrials.



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