New Software Suite Drives Cash Cycle Innovation

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ZEN Suite enables retailers, banks and CIT to connect all their cash handling devices via a single platform.

Gunnebo Cash Management has launched a new modular software suite which connects with any cash handling device, cash service provider or third-party system. ZEN Suite is made up of a series of modules flexible enough for customers to build the solution they need.

Features include:

  • Business reporting and analytics with real-time monitoring of cash levels
  • Remote monitoring for predictive maintenance, remote user management and upgrades
  • Hyperconnectivity and data sharing enabled with third-party systems
  • End-to-end cash reconciliation, real-time crediting and cash centre counting
  • Compatibility with the full Gunnebo range of deposit, recycling and closed cash handling devices as well as option to connect to third-party systems on demand
  • Optimisation of cash handling processes and automation of routines via mobile

“The modular ZEN software suite allows retailers, banks and CIT companies to optimise the cash ecosystem like never before,” says Christian Weisser, SVP Gunnebo Cash Management. “It gives ‘smart cash management’ a whole new meaning.”


Further Information

Please visit for more information, including videos.

If you have further questions about ZEN Suite or would like to schedule an interview, please contact:

Deirdre Doyle, VP Marketing and Communication, Gunnebo Cash Management
Tel: +34 607 240 130


About Gunnebo Cash Management

Gunnebo Cash Management provides automated cash handling solutions, software and services including closed cash handling, cash recycling and cash deposit. Its solutions reduce the cost of handling notes and coins across the cash ecosystem and create a safer, more efficient cash cycle.

The Gunnebo Group operates worldwide, providing innovative products, software and services to control the flow of people, valuables and cash. Gunnebo offers entrance control, safe storage, cash management and integrated security solutions to customers primarily within retail, mass transit, public & commercial buildings, industrial & high-risk sites and banking. Gunnebo Group today employs around 4000 people worldwide serving customers in multiple markets. In 2020, net sales amounted to about 4,500 MSEK