Gunnebo Entrance Control ImmSec (Automated Immigration Security Gate) to use Newton Security Inc T-DAR technology for Si

Gunnebo Entrance Control ImmSec (Automated Immigration Security Gate) to use Newton Security Inc T-DAR technology for Single Person Detection Gunnebo Entrance Control AB, a world leader in providing security entrance control solutions and Newton Security Inc of the USA, the global leader in the supply of machine vision single person detection systems today announce the implementation of an exclusive agreement for Newton to supply Gunnebo Entrance Control its patent pending T-DAR® technology exclusively for single person detection in the Gunnebo ImmSec automated immigration security gate. The ImmSec is designed to automate immigration inspection protocols at border crossings points such as land frontiers, airports, sea ports and international railway terminals. ImmSec is available in standard or wide lane configuration to meet global disabled user regulations. By using T- DAR technology to perform personnel detection it allows the ImmSec to offer reliable detection of a single person or persons fraudulently attempting to violate immigration security protocols. With the ImmSec interfaced to Machine Readable Travel Documentation (MRTD's), Biometric and E-passport reading systems it makes the ImmSec a formidable immigration station. Additionally the combination of both technologies offers the facility to check and identify when luggage has been left behind inside the ImmSec. T-DAR's sophisticated stereo 3-dimensional machine vision technology constantly monitors and accurately counts the number of persons attempting to enter a given area. T-DAR has successfully been used in airports around the world to automate employee access to restricted areas. ''The combination of T-DAR and the ImmSec system will provide governments with a tool that will allow for the re-allocation of manpower from inspecting their enrolled citizens to being able to spend time with those non-citizens desiring entry. T-DAR has the ability to clearly identify and to determine that only a single person is attempting to access the ImmSec, regardless of luggage or parcel size." stated John W. Bramblet, CEO and President of Newton. "Newton is very pleased to be able to work exclusively with Gunnebo, the world leader in unmanned immigration systems." he added. "This technology represents a significant enhancement over existing optical-beam technology in this specific application" stated Lars Proos, Managing Director of Gunnebo Entrance Control AB. Proos also added: "The application of the T-DAR system in the ImmSec gate is a major step forward in establishing the viability of the use of unmanned immigration entrance control systems. Proos stated: "We are delighted to be able to announce that Gunnebo has secured the exclusive rights to this advanced system for use in immigration gates worldwide. Its proven ability to provide single person detection combined with Gunnebo's established leadership in entrance control gates will make for the optimum solution to unmanned immigration control." Gunnebo Entrance Control AB is part of the Swedish owned Gunnebo Group. Internationally based Gunnebo is a world leader in the supply and manufacture of entrance control solution equipment for use in security, leisure and mass transit systems on a global basis. Gunnebo Entrance Control operates from three major manufacturing operations in both Europe and the USA with substantial sales and support coverage located in many leading countries. Pictures available at: Additional information may be found at Point of contact Stefan Spasovski, e- mail Seattle-based Newton Security Inc. is a privately held provider of high technology solutions to address today's security needs. The company develops and markets high-performance; computer-driven answers to difficult security problems. Newton Security's products are designed to allow the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness of computer technology to replace the human element in security applications where the tedious nature of the job, and the high cost of personnel, makes it difficult to maintain the necessary effectiveness of today's security requirements. Additional information may be found at . Point of contact Don Woody, e-mail ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: Bilder