Four of the world's leading Esports teams signed to GLHF's new Esportsplatform

GLHF is a new Esportsfan platform where fans and professional teams can meet. The platform will be launched globally in early March, and offers fans services such as facts about the teams, video-on-demand, live streams, events and a range of other opportunities to interact with players in their favorite teams. Already before launch, four of the world's leading Esports teams have signed up for the service. The reach of the platform ( is approximately 80 million fans.

Esports is the fastest growing sport right now with around 200 million players and 450 million active fans. It is one of the few sports that is growing in popularity with the younger age groups. In total, the Esport market is expected to have  a turnover of $ 1 billion in 2020. 

GLHF (Good Luck Have Fun) is a company that offer esport fans a platform to support and follow their favorite team and to consume esports the way they want. GLHF want to improve the teams relationship with their fans and enable the teams to get closer to their fans and grow their scalable revenues. For this, a brand new Esportsplatform aimed at creating a closer bond between fans, teams and its players is launched.

Although Esports is one of the world's largest sports, there is no good way for fans to follow their team and interact with other fans. There are great benefits for the fans and the team to gather on the same platform, where you can challenge each other and that all the team information is in one place. For the team, it also provides an opportunity for scalable revenue.

– A baseball team in US MBL earns 10 times more per fan compared to what the world's best Esports team does. We want to change that. We are now building a platform and an ecosystem where the team can meet their fans through various services and in this way can offer more and better services to their fans to create a stronger relationship and brand new scalable revenue streams, says Niklas Grawé, CEO of GLHF.

On the platform, fans can follow and support their team and compete in their team's name against other team's fans. GLHF offers new media solutions for the connected teams that can engage their fans with exclusive content in the form of unique content. 

Four of the world's leading e-sports teams signed to GLHF's new Esportsplatform
Prior to the launch of the platform in early March, GLHF has signed an agreement with five of the world's leading Esports teams:

– This is a partnership that will strengthen the teams within Astralis through engaging new media solutions for a growing number of fans around the globe. It is our first major partnership that is solely based upon media and content deliveries, and it is our intention to work with GLHF to grow the fanbase and to strengthen fan loyalty, which ultimately will also grow our own channels, says Jakob Lund Kristensen, Founder and COO of Astralis.

– We are very pleased that four of the world's leading Esports teams joins the GLHF platform and this is just the start, there is more to come. Our ultimate goal is to create the world's greatest esports fan platform for all fans to follow and support the biggest and the best teams. By creating scalable revenues for the teams we are at the same time able to give back to the sport, says Niklas Grawé, CEO of GLHF.

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Niklas Grawé, CEO GLHF,, +46 70 191 11 11

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GLHF is the world's greatest Esportsfan platform, aimed at Esports fans and viewers around the globe who want to support and follow their favourite team and challenge other fans in trevia and other activations.
At the same time the teams can get closer and build stronger relationships with their fans allowing us the increase scalable revenue for the teams and that way give back to the sport. GLHF is owned by GamingZone Entertainment AB, an entertainment company within Esports. Find more at

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