GLHF partners with two more top Esport teams prior to launch

The Swedish Esports platform GLHF will launch globally in early March. They previously announced the partnership of four top teams; Astralis, NAVI, ENCE and Godsent, and have now secured two additional partnerships with NiP and MiBR.

GLHF (Good Luck Have Fun) is an Esports fan platform created to strengthen the bond between teams and their fans through a fan-rivalry experience that has been missing in Esports for a long time. The platform offers fans ways to compete with fans from other teams as well as news, behind the scenes content and much more.  

– We are very pleased that six of the World's top teams have partnered up with us for the launch of With NiP, our reach in the Nordics is complete and with MiBR we will get a great reach and a perfect partner in South America, says Niklas Grawé, CEO of GLHF

– I am very enthusiastic about where GLHF are going with their product, and I am confident it will enhance our ability to connect with fans in our Swedish home market, as well as new ones. It is our first true media and content distribution partnership, opening new avenues for us as a brand and business. I am very excited for the future collaboration between us, says Jonas Gundersen COO of NIP.

– MIBR has millions of dedicated fans we want to engage with as much as possible. GLHF gives us an opportunity to connect with our fans through shared rivalry with other teams, says Tomi Kovanen, Senior vice president at Imortals Gaming Club.

Esports are the world's fastest growing sports
Esports are the fastest growing sports right now with around 200 million players and 450 million active fans. They are some of  the few sports growing in popularity with a younger demographic. In total, the Esports market is expected to have a turnover of $ 1 billion in 2020. 

Although Esports is one of the world's largest sports, there is no good way for fans to compete and interact with other fans. GLHF aims to empower this untapped team fandom. For the teams it also creates an opportunity to get to know their fans better and together with GLHF create fun and exciting ways to interact. 

– We are building a platform and an ecosystem where the team can meet their fans through various services and in this way can offer more and better services to their fans to create a stronger relationship and new exciting ways to create revenue, says Niklas Grawé, CEO of GLHF.

For more information:
Niklas Grawé, CEO GLHF,, +46 70 191 11 11

About GLHF 
GLHF is an Esports fan platform, aimed at Esports fans and viewers around the globe who want to support and follow their favourite team and challenge other fans in trivia and other activations.
GLHF is owned by Gamingzone Entertainment AB, an entertainment company within Esports. Find more at

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