H&D Wireless selects Decawave for delivery of UWB chips for production ramp up of GEPS indoor positioning system

Stockholm, Sweden, April 24th, 2018. Leading IOT and RTLS cloud platform system provider H&D Wireless, listed on Nasdaq First North, has selected Ireland-based chipmaker Decawave as its supplier of UWB chips for the start of volume production of GEPS.

Decawave develops ICs for real time ultra-accurate positioning and communication based on its Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology platform, which measures distance by calculating the time it takes for the radio signal to travel in the air. Through the partnership, H&D Wireless has implemented Decawave’s UWB transceiver, the industry’s first single-chip solution for Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) applications, in its Griffin Enterprise Positioning Service (GEPS) cloud platform.

“Using Decawave’s state-of-the-art transceiver chip enables us to increase positioning accuracy down to 10 centimeters as well as faster deployment, making GEPS an even more versatile and competitive solution,” said Pär Bergsten, CEO and founder of H&D Wireless. “GEPS users can expect more precise positioning and faster deployment making RTLS available to a broader range of applications such as Industry 4.0 and Hospitality markets.”

“H&D Wireless’ GEPS is the most mature infrastructure solution on the market today, and we are excited to work with H&D to accelerate the introduction of accurate RTLS in demanding manufacturing applications worldwide,” said Paul Costigan, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Decawave.

H&D Wireless was listed on Nasdaq First North on December 22, 2017, and recently launched the GEPS Raven Tags, which complement the current Griffin Enterprise Positioning Services (GEPS), a real-time home positioning system for industry, retail and large facilities with outdoor positioning using GPS and NB-IoT. This enables manufacturing industries to follow materials both inside a factory and between factories. The global market for Smart Factory and Industrial IoT is growing rapidly and estimated to be worth more than $225 billion in 2022 (Markets and Markets Research).

For more information, please contact:

Pär Bergsten CEO, H&D Wireless
Tel: +46-8-551 184 60
Email: par.bergsten@hd-wireless.se or sales@hd-wireless.se
Web: www.hd-wireless.com

About H&D Wireless

H&D Wireless is a Swedish Internet of Things (IoT) and real time positioning (RTLS+GPS) cloud and platform system provider with the products Griffin and GEPS. H&D Wireless was founded in 2009 and is among Sweden’s fastest growing and most decorated IoT companies, with more than 1,100,000 wireless products shipped to date for IoT, M2M solutions across the globe. The shares of H&D Wireless are listed on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm since December 2017. The company develop and delivers solutions for the digitization of the industry, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory. FNCA Sweden AB is appointed as the Certified Adviser for the company.

About Decawave:

Decawave develops semiconductors solutions, software, modules, Reference Designs - that enable real-time, ultra-accurate, ultra-reliable local area micro-location services. Decawave is headquartered in Ireland, with regional headquarters in California and China and a presence in South Korea, France and Japan.
For more information, visit http://www.Decawave.com 



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