Hafslund ASA implements reduction in work force

The Hafslund group has in 2002 carried out a substantial restructuring by the merger of operations and the incorporation of new business units. This has laid the foundation for further efficiency improvements and optimisation of the group's total assets, which requires a certain reduction in the workforce.
The board in Hafslund has therefore resolved to implement a necessary staff reduction program. Approximately 200 positions in the Hafslund group will be affected by the reduction program. The reduction will be implemented, inter alia, by redundancy agreements, severance pay and offers of new employment in the group. It is anticipated that the costs related to this program will be approximately NOK 100 million. This will be posted in the accounts for 2rd half of 2002.
For further information, please contact:
Group Managing Director Morten Grøndahl     
tel.: +47 22 43 59 11
Staff Managing Director Trond Aker                
tel.: +47 22 43 56 47
Oslo, 2 September 2002


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