HNA/HNB - Share buy back

Hafslund ASA has the 23rd of August bought 12 500 Hafslund shares of class B at a price of NOK 149.33 per share. After this transaction, Hafslund's balance of own shares is 37,184 Hafslund class A- shares and 218,550 Hafslund class B-shares.
The share buy back is made under the general power of attorney provided by the General Assembly to acquire Hafslund B shares equivalent to maximum 2% (3,904,469 shares) of the company's share capital. The power of attorney is effective until the ordinary General Meeting in 2008. The lowest remuneration that can be paid per B-share is NOK 10.-, while the highest remuneration that can be paid is NOK 300.- per share. The shares shall primarily be used in programs directed towards employees.
Hafslund ASA
Oslo, 23rd of August 2007