New district heating record

In February Hafslund Fjernvarme set a new monthly record for district heating production with over 200 mill kilowatt-hours. The expansion of district heating is one of Oslo's most important contributions in the effort to combat climate change.
The great district heating production in February - totalling 209 GWh, or 209 mill kilowatt-hours - was the result of a combination of a good old fashioned winter month and the large expansion of district heating that is currently taking place, says Rune Volla, director of production and running in Hafslund Fjernvarme.
In the past few years Hafslund has invested in the expansion of the district heating network, and will in 2009 increase district heating provided with approx. 125 GWh.
Investing in growth
The extensive expansion will continue in the coming years, until the district heating reaches a level between 2,1 and 2,2 TWh. District heating plants will then supply district heating equivalent to the heating requirement of around 200,000 homes, says Rune Volla.
With renewable heat production from waste combustion, bio-fuel and heat pumps as the dominant energy sources, district heating contributes to reducing carbon emissions considerably, and is one of the Capital most important contributions in the effort to combat climate change
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