Solar-powered Son-X Octavia brings interactive sound to the playground.

HAGS’ add-on is a hit with the kids.
The swing set has been one of the most popular items on a playground for generations and it appeals to children of all ages (as well as adults). HAGS offers the innovative and cost effective add-on Son-X Octavia that spices up the traditional swing – used across the globe – and welcomes it into the digital age. The Son-X Octavia encourages children to spend more time playing outdoors. We are happy to say that the feedback from this technology savvy audience is very positive.

Playground voices:
Måns, 12 years old: It’s kind of jazzy – it’s fun to swing to the beat! The drum part is my favourite!
Gabriel, 7 years old: It’s great fun and very cool! I like the music.
Nils, 7 years old: It goes de-de-de-teretere-tere!

Bridging the gap.
The amount of time that children spend playing digital games has increased dramatically over the last couple of decades.

– At HAGS, we believe that today’s sophisticated computer games and the level of attention they require have both positive and negative impact on players. They are not a replacement of physical outdoor playtime, rather a complement, says Matthias Biek, Global Product Manager at HAGS.
Our goal is to bridge the gap between modern, interactive technology and traditional outdoor recreation, making it more fun and rewarding for children to play.

Wireless, self-contained and easy to install.
The Son-X Octavia is an inexpensive add-on that can be installed on any swing. It offers staff at kindergartens, schools and community planners the possibility to upgrade play equipment to a new, exiting level even on a small budget.

– The product is shaped like a cocoa fruit and runs on solar power, which means there is no need for cables on the playground. The solar cell panels are placed on top of the product and work even in cloudy conditions. There are speakers placed internally and positioned downwards so that the sounds can only be heard in the proximity of the user, says Matthias Biek.

Audio games.
The product includes three interactive sound games that can be played by all the children using the swing. Once the child starts to swing the games will start and change depending on how the swing is being used. As the swing reaches a specific height the child will be rewarded with applause or music. The sound experience motivates the child to stay on the swing and increase the level of intensity to reach the next sound or game. The Son-X Octavia awakens the natural curiosity in children to explore the possibilities through activity.

Helle Skovbjerg Karoff, Assistant Professor at IT and Learning Design Lab,
Aalborg University/Copenhagen, says:
– The Son-X Octavia combines the well-known play dynamic of the traditional swing with modern possibilities of technology in an excellent way.
The combination is very clever and filled with fun and action that stimulates children’s creativity. The Octavia encourages children to stay on the playground longer. Which also means that they are physically active for a longer time, making them both happier and healthier children.

New games will be developed and available on USB sticks. It is also possible to customize the products, i.e. by adding specific music or sound logos.

The recommended price for the Son-X Octavia is 499 Euros. 

HAGS is a global company with a product offering that stretches over an extensive range – for play, sports and other outdoor recreation – designed for people of all ages.

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For further information, please contact:
Matthias Biek, Global Product Manager at HAGS
Phone +46 (0)380-473 73


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