Hamlet Pharma builds for a promising future

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Hamlet Pharma is proud to announce that the contract with the European union has been signed, granting pre-payment of the 23 million SEK EU Accelerator grant that was awarded to the company this spring. 

With this funding secured, Hamlet Pharma can now introduce a new corporate structure, strengthening our expertise and leadership in finance, business development and specific business areas.  

The company has put in place an Executive committee, with Anders Wihlborn as financial advisor, the CEO Mats Persson, the chairman of the board Catharina Svanborg and Jan Zetterberg, whose extensive legal and drug development background is essential for Hamlet Pharma’s future. Anders Wihlborn’s was until recently a senior executive in Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He is currently a Member of the Board of Directors of AP7 (7e AP fonden, 2019-).

The company has further recruited David Segerberg as a drug production specialist. David Segerberg has more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical business, most recently as Managing Director and Deputy Managing Director of QPharma. 

Martin Erixonhas been engaged todrive the development of the bovine complex Bamlet for pharmaceutical use. Martin Erixon holds a PhD in biochemistry and adds significant experience regarding bovine milk constituents and production methods.

Jakob Testadhas been engaged as the EU grant manager, bringing the expertize needed to handle the large EU Accelerator grant and communications with the EU. Jakob Testad is familiar with EU grant policies and formalities, including reporting and follow-up. 

‘‘ It is essential to engage support from these leading experts, to realize our vision for new, less toxic cancer treatments,’’ says Catharina Svanborg, chairman of the board. 

‘’We are delighted to see the company grow and enter a new development phase’’, says Mats Persson, CEO.

For more information, please contact


Catharina Svanborg, Chairperson of the board, Hamlet Pharma, +46 709 42 65 49



Mats Persson, CEO Hamlet Pharma, +46 705 17 67 57


About HAMLET Pharma

HAMLET Pharma, listed on Spotlight, develops drugs based on the unique tumoricidal protein-lipid complex, HAMLET, formed by two natural and harmless molecules found in breast milk. Development focuses primarily on drugs, for the treatment and prevention of cancer. HAMLET kills tumour cells and has proven safe in proof-of-concept studies in animal models. Alpha1H is the synthetic variant of HAMLET, which has enabled development of the agent for clinical trials. Alpha1H kills different types of tumour cells and has demonstrated therapeutic effects on bladder cancer in animal models. Hamlet Pharma has one ongoing Phase I/II clinical trial with Alpha1H in patients with bladder cancer, a costly form of cancer that is difficult to treat, and intends to expand its activities into other types of cancer. The first results from the ongoing clinical Phase I/II study shows no side effects of Alpha1H, indicating that the treatment is safe and well tolerated. Alpha1H also demonstrated clinical efficacy compared with patients who received placebo.


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