Annual general meeting of Handelsbanken’s shareholders, 20 March 2013

Svenska Handelsbanken AB (publ) invites its shareholders to attend the annual general meeting at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, 20 March 2013 at the Grand Hôtel’s Winter Garden, Royal Entrance, Stallgatan 4, Stockholm.

The agenda includes a proposal for dividends of SEK 10.75 per share.

Regarding the election of members of the Board, the nomination committee proposes the re-election of Jon Fredrik Baksaas, Pär Boman, Tommy Bylund, Lone Fønss Schrøder, Jan Johansson, Ole Johansson, Fredrik Lundberg, Sverker Martin-Löf, Anders Nyrén, Bente Rathe and Charlotte Skog. In addition, the nomination committee proposes the election of the current Vice Chairman Anders Nyrén as Chairman of the Board to succeed Hans Larsson, who has declined re-election.

Further information can be found in the attached notice to attend the AGM, the Swedish version of which will be published on 8 February 2013 in Post- och Inrikes Tidningar (the official Swedish Gazette), and which will be available on Handelsbanken’s website at


For further information, please contact:

Hans Larsson, Chairman of the Board
Tel: +46 8 22 92 20, e-mail:

Klas Tollstadius, Secretary of the Board
Tel: +46 8 701 29 01, e-mail:

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