Anton Romare Keller new Head of Handelsbanken Investment Banking

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Anton Romare Keller has been appointed as the new Head of Investment Banking, following on from a period in which he has served as Acting Head of the same unit.

“I’m delighted to have Anton onboard. He has a wealth of experience within investment banking, in areas such as sales, advisory, risk management, back office, IT and business development”, says Dan Lindwall, Head of HM.  

“I look forward to continue to drive the transition that is already underway at both the bank and the investment bank to ensure we meet our customers’ evolving requirements. We must become quicker and more efficient in terms of product and service development, and create a relevant offering that is in tune with our customers’ needs. Armed with a sound strategy and a solid plan, we are now in the implementation phase; the most interesting and exciting stage. I think there is enormous potential in our business area in the future”, says Anton Romare Keller.

Investment Banking fact file
Investment Banking is responsible for research, FX and fixed income trading, capital market funding, institutional equity trading and Corporate Finance. The unit also has specialists in advisory-led corporate business relating to risk management and cash management.