Customer experience gaining importance as a success factor

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An increasing number of players are competing for customers’ attention. "The customer experience is therefore becoming a key factor to success in the financial sector." This is the message from Handelsbanken’s digitalisation expert, Malin Lignell, in the Journal of Digital Banking

Competition for people’s attention is not only about being able to offer the best experience among competitors within the same sector, but also between different industries. 

People are more likely to prioritise their time with the player that can provide the best customer experience and offering.

In this in-depth article in the reputable international specialist periodical Journal of Digital Banking, Handelsbanken’s digitalisation expert, Malin Lignell, explores this future trend and its impact on the aspect of innovation in the financial sector.

“Ultimately, it’s about providing a customer experience which puts the customers’ needs clearly in focus,” says Malin. This type of customer experience will increasingly be provided through various forms of collaboration, and from a wider perspective, than collaborations solely with FinTech. 

“It is, after all, the customers who decide what makes a winning innovation strategy, and what type of customer experience will be required to deserve their attention. At the end of the day, the value is determined by the receiver, not the provider,” writes Malin Lignell in the article, which dates back to April this year, but was published only recently.

The journal is mainly aimed at people within senior positions in finance, marketing, design and communication, etc.

Experts are invited by the editorial team to write articles and share insights into the ways that new and existing markets, business models, and innovations are being put to use, and also to offer advice and lessons when it comes to converting different strategies into reality. 

“Participating in the exchange of insights is an important part of our constant efforts to enhance the customer experience, and to safeguard our historically high customer satisfaction,” says Malin Lignell.

About: Malin Lignell, 46

Mission: To act as a driver of digital transformation and innovation

What is the best part of your job?: Being able to act as a positive driving force, together with colleagues throughout the Bank, in the development of new ways to build on our long-term relationships with our customers. 

Family: Her husband Martin, and their children Alexandra and William, both 17, plus two cats

Interests: Practising Brazilian jiu-jitsu, developing Swedish judo, sailing, and spending time with her family.