Handelsbanken and Midtbank enter into agreement with BRFkredit on mortgage loans in Denmark

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Handelsbanken and Midtbank have entered into an agreement with BRFkredit concerning mortgage loans ('realkreditlån') to private and corporate customers in Denmark. Handelsbanken's and Midtbank's 32 branches will be able to negotiate all types of mortgage loans offered by BRFkredit.
The contact with the customer will continue to be via the local branch in Handelsbanken or Midtbank. BRFkredit delivers the underlying loan. Thus there is no change in customer responsibility, which remains with the local branch.
As a result of the agreement the bank can offer its customers both the above mentioned 'realkreditlån' via BRFkredit, as well as Handelsbanken's own mortgage loan 'prioritetslån'. This means that Handelsbanken has the most competitive and tailored programme of products for mortgage finance in Denmark.
The press release can also be downloaded from the following link.

For further information, please contact: <!-- hugin-supplied --><br> Anders Bouvin, Head of Handelsbanken Denmark, tel: +45 33 41 8202, or <!-- hugin-supplied --><br> Knud Jacobsen, Regional Area Manager, tel: +45 33 41 8241 <!-- hugin-supplied --><br> <!-- hugin-supplied --><br> <!-- hugin-supplied --><br> <!-- hugin-supplied --><br> BRFkredit is one of the larger mortgage credit institutions in Denmark with lending of <!-- hugin-supplied --><br> DKK 133bn. <!-- hugin-supplied --><br> <!-- hugin-supplied --><br> Handelsbanken is one of the leading players in the Nordic region offering a complete range of financial services, traditional corporate business, investment banking and trading and private banking including life insurance.