Handelsbanken and Sweco collaborate for a more sustainable, energy-efficient property management

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Housing co-operative associations and companies are now able to carry out a climate and energy mapping of their properties. Using Sweco’s new online tool, Green Asset Screener, both risks and opportunities for the property are identified. The actions and investments required can then be financed via Handelsbanken’s Green loans. Sustainability challenges are best addressed through teamwork, and this collaboration is an excellent example of this.

The property sector accounts for approximately 20 per cent of Sweden’s carbon dioxide emissions, and the effects of climate change in the form of extreme rainfall, floods, and heatwaves, are increasingly evident to property owners. This, coupled with a sharp increase in energy prices, is creating new challenges for organisations and property companies.

“For us, it’s important to find solutions for our customers. We want to be a relevant player and partner even in changing conditions, and I’m pleased that, by joining forces with Sweco, we will be able to help our customers with climate change adaptation, energy-efficiency measures, and a transition to increased sustainability,” says Anna Blomstergren, Head of Sustainability at Handelsbanken Financing.

By using Sweco’s online tool, Handelsbanken’s customers can easily obtain an initial, general sustainability analysis. The analysis builds on the respondent’s answers to a few questions about the property, relating to energy, the environment, climate risks, and the EU taxonomy. After receiving the results, customers will then be offered in-depth advisory services together with Sweco.

”Sweco’s service provides decision support to property owners by identifying their needs and helping them to prioritise different sustainability measures. The service also offers guidance through the jungle of new guidelines and legal requirements. With this service, we are combining our shared expert knowledge within the areas of sustainable buildings and digitalisation,” says Anna Joelsson, Head of Sustainability at Sweco’s Buildings division.

The measures and investments recommended by Sweco can be financed on favourable terms via Handelsbanken’s Green loans.

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