Handelsbanken announces Green Bond Framework

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Today, Handelsbanken announces its intention to issue Green Bonds and the publication of its Green Bond Framework.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges and threats facing the modern world. The necessary reduction of green­house gas emissions will require significant changes to global consumption, transport and energy production.

–Handels­banken recognizes our responsibility towards the local communities and countries where we oper­ate, while striving to reduce the impact we have on both people and the planet, says Elisabet Jamal Bergström, Chief Sustainability Officer at Handelsbanken.

The transition to low-carbon, climate resilient and sustainable economies requires investments in clean transportation, sustainable forestry, green buildings, pollution prevention, renewable energy and sustainable water management. Through the inclusion of these categories in the Green Bond Framework, Handelsbanken promotes this transition.

A yearly report will be published explaining the climate impact of the financed projects. The first report is scheduled for spring 2019.

An independent evaluation of the Green Bond Framework has been carried out by Cicero, Center of International Climate Research. Cicero’s second opinion is graded to the highest level, Dark Green, meaning that the projects and solutions that will be financed by Handelsbanken under the framework corresponds to the long-term vision of a low carbon and climate resilient future.

For further information, please contact:
Elisabet Jamal Bergström, Chief Sustainability Officer, + 46 8701 50 32,+46 70732 57 53
Lars Höglund, Head of Investor Relations +46 8–701 51 70, +46 70–345 51 70
Johan Wallqvist, Head of Group Media Relations, +46 8–701 80 47,+46 72–206 34 50

For more information about Handelsbanken, please visit www.handelsbanken.com 


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