Handelsbanken has highest rankings for quality and customer satisfaction of the major banks in Sweden

Earlier this week, Svenskt Kvalitetsindex presented the result of this year's survey. This showed that Handelsbanken was regarded as the best of the major banks by both corporate and private customers. Among private customers, Handelsbanken achieved 70 as its index figure, which is three units higher than the previous year. The corresponding figure among corporate customers was 67 with the three other major banks two, four and six units lower than Handelsbanken's index figure. Handelsbanken has good customer satisfaction figures compared to the figures which Svenskt Kvalitetsindex simultaneously reported for a number of other sectors such as non-life insurance, life insurance, everyday commodities and fixed and mobile telephony. Handelsbanken's values are, with one exception, higher than the highest values measured by Svenskt Kvalitetsindex in each sector.

Quality is a central issue for Handelsbanken. The Bank's corporate objective is to have higher return on shareholders' equity compared to the other Nordic banks. This is to be achieved by Handelsbanken providing its customers with better service than other banks, and at lower costs for the Bank. For this reason the Bank actively monitors various measures of the service level in the banking sector.

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