Handelsbanken has repurchased over 24 million shares to date

22 335 800 Class B shares. The total number of shares in Handelsbanken is 714 746 940.

On 14 April 2000, the Annual General Meeting and Board of Svenska Handelsbanken decided to repurchase 50 million of the Bank's class A and/or class B ordinary shares during the period until the next Annual General Meeting in 2001. The acquisitions are carried out on the OM Stockholm Exchange at the market price prevailing at the time of acquisition, and for a maximum of SEK 4 billion.

For further information please contact: <br> <br>Lennart Francke, Head of Accounting and Control, <br>tel +46 8-22 92 20, e-mail: lefr01@handelsbanken.se <br> <br>Bengt Ragnå, Head of Investor Relations, <br>tel +46 8-701 12 16, e-mail: bera02@handelsbanken.se <br> <br>

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