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  • Handelsbanken Liv first in Sweden to receive a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence for an occupational pension entry solution

Handelsbanken Liv first in Sweden to receive a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence for an occupational pension entry solution

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Friday 26 November, Handelsbanken Liv received a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence from Ecolabelling Sweden AB for its occupational pension entry solution. A launch date has not yet been decided, but the licence is an important step in the development process. 

An ‘entry solution’ is a default investment solution for customers who do not wish to select the mutual funds in their occupational pension themselves. If no active choices are made, the customer’s premiums or transferred capital will be invested in an entry solution whereby the insurance company selects the mutual funds on behalf of the customer. Normally, the entry solution also offers a gradual reduction of risk as the insured party ages, with the proportion of equities in the fund decreasing as the person approaches retirement. 

“Handelsbanken Liv strives to be market-leading within sustainable pension savings, both when it comes to investments and smart investment solutions that are suitable for many individuals in the long term. The fact that we have received this licence from Ecolabelling Sweden AB means that we are one step closer to the launch of our Nordic Swan Ecolabel investment solution within occupational pensions,” says Mats Nilsson, Product Specialist, Investments.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel covers the management of insurance premiums. The equities portion is invested in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled funds, and the interest part in a long-term fixed income fund, which also meets all the sustainability requirements. Nordic Swan Ecolabelled mutual funds and investment solutions must refrain from investing in sectors and companies that have been identified as particularly problematic, as well as performing a thorough sustainability analysis, and actively pursuing lobbying activities to ensure the positive development of the sustainability work in the companies that our mutual funds invest in.

“The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is significant to us as this is an external, independent ecolabel, and confirmation of our sustainability work within Handelsbanken Liv,” says Marie Hamre, Product Specialist, Investments.

Ecolabelling Sweden AB is wholly state-owned company which is responsible for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel – the Nordic countries’ official ecolabel – and EU Ecolabel, the EU’s official ecolabel. 

About risk
Past returns are no guarantee of future returns. Investments made in mutual funds can rise or fall in value, and it is not certain that you will get back all of the sum you have invested. Brochures with complete information regarding fund regulations, fact sheets and current price performance can be found at www.handelsbanken.se/fonder.

Foto: Fredrik Hjerling