Handelsbanken’s funds rated best by Lipper

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The fund performance research company Lipper has named four of Handelsbanken’s mutual funds as the best in their respective categories. These are Hälsovård Tema, Sverige Tema, Stiftelsefonden and Kapitalförvaltning 75.

Each year, the research company Lipper awards prizes to the best funds from over 20 countries across the globe. Lipper is owned by Thomson Reuters, one of the world’s largest international news agencies. The Lipper Fund Awards highlight the funds that have provided consistently strong, risk-adjusted performance relative to their peers, over three, five, and ten-year periods.

  • The Hälsovård Tema fund was named best fund in the five-year “Healthcare” category. 
  • The Sverige Tema fund was named best fund in the three-year “Equity Sweden” category.
  • The Kapitalförvaltning 75 fund was named best fund in the five-year “Mixed Asset Euro Aggregated Global” category. 
  • The Stiftelsefonden fund was named best fund in the “Mixed Asset SEK Balanced” category for all time periods, i.e. three, five, and ten years.

The Hälsovård Tema fund is an actively managed fund that invests on a global basis in shares issued by companies in the healthcare sector. 
“The healthcare sector is populated by companies with strong structural driving forces – primarily demographic trends, medical advances and digitalisation. This award shows that our long-term investment strategy, focusing on these specific areas, has proven well-founded over time,” says Astrid Samuelsson, manager of the fund, and continues:

“It is always gratifying to win awards and we are naturally proud, but it does not dent our ambition to always improve and give our customers a high-quality fund offering.”

Time for entrepreneur-driven digital companies to bloom
When Handelsbanken selects shares for the Sverige Tema fund, particular emphasis is placed on ensuring that the company’s strategy aligns with our assessment of what will lead to good share price performance, and that the valuation is attractive.
“It is good to see the entrepreneur-driven digital companies we invested in four or five years ago now coming into their own and providing fantastic returns to fund unit holders,” says Oscar Karlsson, manager of the Handelsbanken Sverige Tema fund, and continues:

“It is also pleasing to see that the world-leading Swedish companies on the industry side remain at the forefront of development – especially in terms of sustainability. Sweden really is fantastically fertile ground for building strong, global businesses.”

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