New Chief Executive of Handelsbanken Liv

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Tobias Lindhe has been appointed Chief Executive of Handelsbanken Liv, Handelsbanken’s life insurance company, starting in the role on 16 August.

An increasing number of  Handelsbanken’s customers are choosing to trust Handelsbanken Liv with their pension solutions, and the business has doubled in recent years. 

“As we look forward, a high priority area is to continue developing our products and services and, hand in hand with Handelsbanken, our offering within savings and pensions,” says Tobias Lindhe.

Tobias Lindhe succeeds Louise Sander, who became Handelsbanken’s Chief Communications Officer on 1 July.

Tobias Lindhe has most recently worked as a Senior Advisor at Group Finance, as well as serving on the Board of Handelsbanken Liv over the past few years. Tobias’ background includes serving as Deputy Chief Executive of Handelsbanken Liv, and as Chief Risk Officer of Handelsbanken plc in the UK.

“Now being given the opportunity to influence the operations on a daily basis is both inspiring and exciting, and I am very humbled by the trust in me as I take on this position,” says Tobias Lindhe.

Mattias Sandholm, Deputy Chief Executive, will serve as Acting Chief Executive until Tobias Lindhe begins in the role.