Svenska Handelsbanken increases ownership of Copenhagen Stock Exchange

Svenska Handelsbanken is increasing its ownership of the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. Svenska Handelsbanken has acquired 12 350 shares from Danske Bank and Svenska Handelsbanken now owns a total of 19 199 shares, corresponding to a holding of 4.8%.
The acquisition reflects the Bank's increased presence in Denmark. As a result of the acquisition, Svenska Handelsbanken's ownership share better corresponds to the Bank's position as one of the major players on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.
The full Press Release is available to download from the enclosed link.

For further information, please contact <!-- hugin-supplied --><br> Lars O Grönstedt, Group Chief Executive, tel: +46 8 - 22 92 20 <!-- hugin-supplied --><br> Anders Bouvin, Head of Denmark regional bank, tel: +45 334 18201 <!-- hugin-supplied --><br> Lars Lindmark, Head of Corporate Communications, tel: +46 8 - 701 10 36

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