JCB Academy holds engineering induction at Harper Adams

Teenagers learn about chassis design, suspension and teamwork

Year 10 students from the JCB Academy spent last week at Harper Adams University College, getting to know each other and learning some of the basic principles of vehicle engineering.

This is the second time Harper Adams has hosted the Academy week, and the students also had a taste of university life; living and socialising on campus, as well as attending lectures and practical sessions.

Many of them had never met before, so activities focussed on getting them to work as a group and encouraging collaborative thinking.

JCB Academy Engineering Team Leader James Bailey said: “This week is about giving them an induction. We are big on teamwork and we want them to start bonding and getting to know each other but also to give them an idea about what the engineering world is like. It is a great contextual learning experience for them.

“They are finding out about vehicles – about vehicle design, chassis design and suspension; all the things they take for granted when travelling around in cars.”

Student Will Bale said: “The suspension workshop was my favourite part. It was really interesting because all the ideas I had in my head about suspension just came together while I was in there.”

Fellow student Mitchell Hemmings added: “A lot of the activities were really good, but my favourite part was the teamwork sessions.”

The JCB Academy, in Rocester, Staffordshire, was established to develop the engineers and business leaders of the future. It accepts students from the age of 14, and has the same application process as other schools.

James Bailey added: “The Academy aims to give its students the impetus to want to go ahead and forge careers in engineering. Hopefully they will be inspired to be world leaders, and make Britain a world leader in engineering again.”

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