Noida, India, May 02nd, 2018


Annual Revenues cross 50,000 crores

Quarterly Revenues exceed US$ 2 bn


Revenue at 50,570 crores; up 8.2% YoY Net Income at 8,780 crores; up 3.8% YoY

Revenue at US$ 7,838 mn; up 12.4% YoY

Revenue growth in Constant Currency at 10.5% YoY Net Income at US$ 1,360 mn; up 7.7% YoY


Revenue at 13,179 crores; up 2.9% QoQ Net Income at 2,227 crores; up 1.5% QoQ

Revenue in Constant Currency; up 1.2% QoQ Revenue at US$ 2,038 mn; up 2.5% QoQ Net Income at US$ 344 mn; up 1.1% QoQ


(Amount in ` Crores)

FY’18  YoY  31-Mar-2018  QoQ 
REVENUE 50,570 8.2% 13,179 2.9%
EARNINGS BEFORE INTEREST & TAX (EBIT) 9,987 5.4% 2,583 2.9%
NET INCOME 8,780 3.8% 2,227 1.5%

(Amount in US $ Million)

FY’18  YoY  31-Mar-2018  QoQ 
REVENUE 7,838 12.4% 2,038 2.5%
EARNINGS BEFORE INTEREST & TAX (EBIT) 1,548 9.4% 399  2.6%
NET INCOME 1,360 7.7% 344  1.1%

Financial Highlights: FY’18

Revenue Milestones in FY’18 and Q4:

−  Annual Revenues cross ` 50,000 crores mark.

−  Quarterly Revenues exceed US$ 2 billion milestone.

Revenues from Mode 2 and Mode 3 offerings together grew 41.5% in 12 months period ending Mar’18. The share of Mode 2 and Mode 3 revenues together stands at 23.4% for FY’18, compared to 18.6% for FY’17.

−  Led by Digital and Analytics, Mode 2 grew by 29.4% YoY across lines of business and geographies.

−  In FY’18 Mode 3 contributed 8.7% to the revenue and grew at a healthy rate 68.3% YoY. Investments proposed in Product Management, R&D and GTM.

REVENUE MIX (YEAR ENDED)  Mar'17  Mar'18  YoY Growth 
Mode 1 81.4% 76.6% 5.7%
Mode 2 12.8% 14.7% 29.4%
Mode 3 5.8% 8.7% 68.3%

Broad based growth across Verticals driven by Manufacturing at 18.3%, Financial Services at 13.3%, Lifesciences & Healthcare at 8.1% , Retail & CPG at 7.5% and Public Services at 2.6% (on Constant Currency basis).

Strong client addition continues (on YoY basis): $5+ Mn clients up by 18, $10+ Mn clients up by 7, $20+ Mn clients up by 2, $40+ Mn clients up by 6, and $50+ Mn clients up by 3.

Net Income to Operating Cash Flow conversion at 98.9% on LTM basis. Announces dividend of ` 2 per share, 61st consecutive quarter of dividend payout. Return on Equity at 25.2%.

FY’19 Guidance

  • Revenue: FY'19 Revenues are expected to grow between 9.5% to 11.5% in Constant Currency 

*   Revenue Guidance is based on FY’18 (April to March) average exchange rates.

The above constant currency guidance translates to 10.5% to 12.5% in USD terms based on March 31, 2018 rates.

  • Operating Margin (EBIT): FY’19 expected Operating Margin (EBIT) range is from 19.5% to 20.5%. 

*  The Operating Margin guidance assumes USD-INR currency rate of $1 = 66.0 and other currencies at FY’18 average exchange rates.

“The world is changing fast with rapid evolution and shifts in geo-political, social and business landscapes, making it imperative for responsible leaders like HCL to be at the forefront of innovation, technology, solutions and people readiness. We continue to make strategic investments for readiness, in face of these imminent shifts. With the commitment to give back to the society, we continue to build sustainable and scalable models of positive social impact”, said Shiv Nadar, Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer, HCL Technologies Ltd.

“We conclude the fourth quarter and the financial year 2018 with an industry-leading performance backed by broad- based growth across verticals, robust client additions and accelerated revenues from Mode 2 and 3 Services. Our quarterly revenues have exceeded the $2 billion mark while our YoY revenues grew by 10.5% YoY. We remain confident of the new Fiscal in light of the increasing relevance of our business offerings coupled with our strategic investments in technologies of the future”, said C.Vijayakumar, President & CEO, HCL Technologies Ltd.


  • Revenue grew by 10.5%. 
  • Broad based growth across all revenue segments: 

−      Americas, RoW and Europe grew by 13.8%6.0% and 5.0% respectively.

−      Driven by Engineering and R&D Services at 37.6%, Infrastructure Services at 4.5% and Application Services at 4.4%.

−      Vertical growth led by Manufacturing at 18.3%, Financial Services at 13.3%, Lifesciences & Healthcare at 8.1%, Retail & CPG at 7.5% and Public Services at 2.6%.


HCL signed 15 transformational deals this quarter, spread across Mode 1, Mode 2 and Mode 3 services, led by verticals of Financial Services, Manufacturing, Public services, Lifesciences and Healthcare. These have a healthy mix of next–generation offerings including Cloud Native Services, Digital & Analytics, Internet of Things, Autonomics & AI, Cybersecurity & GRC, Products and Platforms. A total of 63 transformational deals have been signed during the year.

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