Heimstaden Bostad 2021 Annual General Meeting

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Heimstaden Bostad AB (Publ) held its Annual General Meeting on 18 March 2021 and resolved the following:

  • Adopted the financial statements for the year ending 31 December 2020.
  • Re-elected Casper von Koskull as Chairman of the Board and Stefan Attefall, Axel Brändström, Christer Franzén, John Giverholt, Frans Heijbel and Birgitta Stenmark as board members.
  • Elected Vibeke Krag, Bente A. Landsnes, Eldbjørg Sture and Ivar Tollefsen as new board members.
  • Resolved on SEK 960,000 fee to the Chairman and SEK 300,000 fee to Bente A. Landsnes and Eldbjørg Sture, respectively. No fee will be paid to the other members.
  • Re-appointed Ernst & Young as external auditor.
  • Resolved on SEK 8.5 billion directed share issue.
  • Resolved to pay total dividends of SEK 4,572,361,356, of which the majority was reinvested as part of the share issue and the rest was paid out according to the dividend policy and articles of association.

Directed share issue
SEK 8.5 billion was raised through a directed share issue towards current shareholders and the new investor, the Swedish Pensions Agency, which consisted of SEK 4.3 billion in reinvested dividends and SEK 4.2 billion in new cash contributions.

Heimstaden AB subscribed for SEK 3,578 million, Alecta for SEK 3,862 million, Folksam Group for SEK 432 million, Ericsson for SEK 43 million and Sandvik for SEK 49 million.

New investor, the Swedish Pension Agency, subscribed for SEK 500 million, which is the first subscription in its SEK 1 billion investment commitment to Heimstaden Bostad.

The Swedish Corporate Governance Code
At the board meeting held immediately after the general meeting, it was resolved that the company shall apply the Swedish Corporate Governance Code and establish an Audit and Risk Committee consisting of John Giverholt (committee chairman), Axel Brändström and Eldbjørg Sture. The committee will lead the board’s work within risk, financial reporting, internal control and risk management.

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