5 Ways to Empower the Next Generation of Leaders

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On June 8th, between handmade Mother’s Day cards and fishing trips with Dad, lies National Children’s Day.  Never heard of it?  People in the United States have actually been celebrating Children’s Day since before both Mother’s and Father’s Day were established holidays.

Here are five ways you can empower the next generation to continue making the world a better place this Children’s Day.

1. Educate.

Teach children you know what it means to be a hero.  Shine a light on role models from the past, like Helen Keller, who overcame seemingly insurmountable barriers to emerge as a champion for millions. In addition to well-known historical figures, talk about people that impact your own community.  Show children that everyone has the power to make a difference in the world.

2. Listen.

Pay attention to what the children in your life have to say.  They offer a different perspective on the world that can be surprisingly insightful. Give them your full attention and be open and receptive as you listen to their ideas and questions. Answer their questions honestly and challenge them by asking questions of your own to helpbroaden their thinking.

3. Empower.

Beyond dialogue with children, empower them with lessons on how actions can speak louder than words.  Let them explore their interests, seek answers, and become active students of our world — and see where the exciting journey takes you both.

4. Inspire.

When children experience problems and setbacks, inspire them to keep trying.  Whether it’s a challenge in school or outside of the classroom, empathize with their experience and help them find the solutions to their problems.  Remind them of the strength and courage that people like Helen Keller showed in the face of adversity.

 5. Give.

Teach children to improve the world by giving back. Start a bake sale or collect pennies for organizations that are making a meaningful difference in the world.  Encourage children to donate the funds from their next lemonade stand to support an organization, like Helen Keller International, that helps other children around the world reach their full potential.

Children are the future.  This Children’s Day, take the time to honor the children in your life and celebrate everything they contribute to your family, community, and to the world.  


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On #ChildrensDay June 8th, teach your kids to give back to orgs that helps children like @HelenKellerIntl
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