Claw Your Way Through the Levels of She Wants Me Dead, Available Now for Nintendo Switch!

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Gothenburg, Sweden – October 21, 2022  – Award-winning indie studio Hello There Games and Plublisher RedDeer.Games are proud to deliver She Wants Me Dead to Nintendo Switch! available now via the Nintendo Store.

EDM artist Cazzette came up with the famous song 'She Wants Me Dead'. Soon after, he collaborated with AronChupa to add a little spin on it. As the popularity soared, the Swedish game Studio, 'Hello There Games' decided to take it even further and develop an unforgiving rhythm game to the song.

This hit music rhythm game will be your new love-hate relationship.

'She Wants Me Dead' is a dark platform game that blends perfectly with strategic puzzles and deadly traps that moves in perfect rhythm to the music.

Playing as Max, the owner of the unfairly treated cat Lula (according to the furry devil). Lula has created a bunch of unmerciful gauntlets and it's up to you to work your way through each one and reach safety.

The game has been very popular since the release and people are still playing the game. We’re excited to finally deliver the game on a platform that it's perfectly built for ” says Oskar Eklund, CEO of Hello There Games.

Hello There Games decided to avoid the procedural feeling of endless runners and put a lot of work into thoughtful level design. This makes the game perfect for expert players looking for an amazing speed run challenge. On top of that, the game comes with an extensive wardrobe, packed with all kinds of funny items for the player to wear.

An amusing rage game – with beautiful graphics and a crazy cat to literally die for.

Watch She Wants Me Dead Launch Trailer 

She Wants Me Dead is available now on the Nintendo Switch for
£8.99 / €9.99 / $9.99 via the Nintendo Store.

About Hello There Games

Hello There Games is an independent game studio that primarily develops and sells premium games for PC and consoles. Previous releases have received both critical and player acclaim worldwide. The recent successful launch of the Avicii: Invector series, has further cemented their prominent position in the music games genre. Hello There Games also runs a section of work for hire game development together  with clients like Google, Facebook, etc.

The studio has an exciting portfolio of IPs with great potential and works with a number of publishers and local partners to market and sell games on a global market.

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