Increased number of shares and votes in Hemfosa

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The number of shares and votes in Hemfosa Fastigheter AB has increased as a result of a new share issue resolved upon by the board on July 3, 2019. The ordinary shares were used as payment in a property acquisition. Through the new share issue the number of ordinary shares and votes in the company increased by 1,760,000 ordinary shares and 1,760,000 votes. At the last trading day of July there were in total 180,488,248 shares in the company (169,488,249 ordinary shares and 10,999,999 preference shares) and 170,588,248.9 votes.

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Caroline Arehult, CEO, mobile: +46 70 553 80 26,

About Hemfosa Fastigheter

Hemfosa is a Swedish property company focused on community service properties in the Nordic region, with the Swedish state and municipalities as its largest tenants. This provides stable revenue flows and a healthy yield. Hemfosa also aims to create value through active participation in the transaction market. The company's ordinary share has been listed since March 2014, and the preference share since December 2014, both on Nasdaq Stockholm. Read more at