HIDDN: Receives initial order from ALSO

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(Oslo, 2 November 2018) Hiddn Solutions ASA (Hiddn, OSE: HIDDN) has received the first order from ALSO Holding AG (ALSO). The initial order has a value of NOK 1.7 million and covers Hiddn’s KryptoDisk and other encryption products for the Scandinavian market. The products will be available for purchase from ALSO during the fourth quarter of 2018.

“We are pleased to receive this first order from ALSO under our agreement signed in late June 2018. This first order confirms the demand for Hiddn's GDPR compliant secure data storage solutions in Scandinavia and is a stepping stone into lauching our new range of products and services in both Scandinavia and the rest of Europe," says Carl Espen Wollebekk, CEO of Hiddn.

The initial order from ALSO covers Hiddn’s flash and USB products for Scandinavia and Hiddn is currently finalising the availability for these products for the rest of Europe. In addition, Hiddn is preparing the upcoming inclusion of Hiddn’s SafeDisk solution for laptops and tablets into the ALSO product offering.

“I highly appreciate the efforts from the dedicated ALSO organisation that has been working hard to deal with all the practical issues introducing our products into this exiting market channel. We have now finalised all details with respect to logistics, introduction to ALSO customers, presentation on ALSO’s web page and many other workstreams. We see a high demand for secure storage and encryption products and look forward to bringing the solutions to the market place together with the best partners out there,” Wollebekk continues.

ALSO is one of Europe's largest distributors of ICT products and services and has a European B2B marketplace in 15 countries. In Scandinavia, Hiddn’s products will be available for purchase through all major value added resellers during the fourth quarter of 2018. Hiddn entered into the agreement with ALSO to expand distribution capabilities, targeting the growing business and service market in Europe on 28 June 2018.

For further information, please contact:
Carl Espen Wollebekk (CEO of Hiddn), telephone: + 47 930 55 505 /e-mail: cew@hiddn.no

About Hiddn Solutions ASA

Hiddn Solutions ASA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker HIDDN. The company is offering impenetrable proprietary hardware-based authentication and encryption products with a superior level of security as well as a wider product suite addressing all market segments looking for solutions to ensure that sensitive information stays confidential and unavailable to unauthorised access. Based on Hiddn's unrivalled and proven position in the high-end encryption market, Hiddn is implementing a strategy of adapting the proprietary technology to the high-volume markets to take advantage of the growing global security challenges and the arising regulatory requirements. Hiddn has established a product offering that addresses all market segments from the high-end security clients to the retail market, and established partnerships with some of the most important sales and distribution partners in Europe. Hiddn sees significant growth opportunities and rising demand from customers and is well on its way to solidify its leading position in the growing market for secure data storage.

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