Key information relating to a subsequent offering in Hiddn Solutions ASA - Updated

Date on which the terms and conditions of the repair offering were announced: 18 July 2019, updated 13 August 2019

Last day including right: 17 July 2019

Ex-date: 18 July 2019

Record date: 19 July 2019

Date of approval: 4 September 2019 (Updated information)

Maximum number of new shares: 2,850,000* (Updated information)

Subscription price: NOK 1, equaling the proposed new nominal value of the Company's shares* (Updated information)

Other information:

This announcement is an update of the stock exchange announcement made by Hiddn Solutions ASA (the "Company") on 18 July 2019 regarding key information of a subsequent offering.

The subsequent offering is contemplated to be made in connection with a private placement of NOK 8,550,000, including a debt conversion of NOK 1,652,700 (the "Private Placement"). The subsequent offering is conditioned upon approval by an extraordinary general meeting in the Company summoned to be held on 4 September 2019 (the "EGM") and is also subject to, inter alia, the same EGM approving a share capital decrease in the Company by decrease of the nominal value of the Company's shares to NOK 0.05 and the Private Placement. Compared to the previous announcement by the Company regarding the subsequent offering on 18 July 2019, it is proposed that the total subscription amount is reduced from NOK 3,000,000 to NOK 2,850,000 (including the corresponding number of shares). See the notice of the EGM as published in the stock exchange announcement earlier today for further information.

*The amount of shares and subscription price proposed in the subsequent offering reflects a 20:1 reverse split of the Company's shares that it is proposed to the EGM to be carried out prior to issuance of the shares in the Private Placement and the subsequent offering, entailing that the nominal value of the Company's shares in the subsequent offering upon issuance to the participants will be NOK 1.

This information is published in accordance with the requirements of the Continuing Obligations.