Thalamus Networks to Nya Marknaden

Thalamus Networks to Nya Marknaden Thalamus Networks AB (plc) will be listed on the Nya Marknaden section of the Stockholm Stock Exchange Options Market as from July 6, 2000. The introduction is sponsored by Handelsbanken Investment Banking. Company capital increased by 250m SEK in March after a new issue of shares aimed at institutional investors in Sweden and abroad. "The Nya Marknaden listing means that our Company will be better publicised," stated Jan Tidelius, the Thalamus CEO. The introduction to the O list of unregistered companies is scheduled to take place in the third quarter of 2000. "Our continued emphasis on the Company profile and the broadband portal have given excellent results and expansion is proceeding as planned. We are currently carrying out a number of very interesting projects directed at Internet connectivity within the property sector, including high speed wireless links.". Thalamus net turnover in the first quarter of this year more than doubled compared with the same period in 1999, increasing from just over 4m SEK to over 9m. The Company has some 35 employees. Facts Thalamus Networks AB ( is an independent player in the rapidly growing field of broadband. The company offers the market's most extensive broadband service called Thalamus®. It includes Internet access that meets the requirements of the regular surfer as well as the most advanced remote access worker. At the same time Thalamus Networks is the only company that can meet the landlords' needs for energy management, information, media and telephony. Thalamus® is delivered over optical fibre, cable-TV and Ethernet (LAN), and in a near future also over wireless solutions. Thalamus Networks AB are currently in a strong phase of expansion, and has today offices in Ängelholm, Malmö, Halmstad, Göteborg and Stockholm. The company has provided services to Sweden's landlords since the start in 1987. Thalamus Networks AB's net sales are approximately SEK 40 million and the company employs 35 persons. For futher information please contact Jan Tidelius, Managing Director Thalamus Networks, Tel +46 8-691 09 09, Mobile +46 705-525626, e-mail Thomas Rebermark, Marketing Director Thalamus Networks, Tel +46 8-691 09 07, Mobil +46 703-240193, e-mail ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: